Hush Hush – Only Your Love Can Save Them – How to Get Everything on Cassie’s July 19th Date

How to complete the date, get the easter egg, and the secret.

Guide to to Get Everything on Cassie’s July 19th Date


This is not an A+ walkthrough. This is just some pointers on how to complete Cassie’s 3rd date and get everything. I think it’s the trickiest event up until this point in the game. It took me quite a few resets.

I won’t spoil the contents of the Easter Egg or Secret, but there are some screenshots used to illustrate important decisions.


The single most important thing to do first is to save the game at the beginning of this date. If you’re here I gather you already understand why.

Moving on to the actual pointers…

  • In the context of this guide, it actually doesn’t matter what drink you get for the table. But you get the “Wine And Dine” achievement if you choose the $4000 bottle though!
  • When Cassie asks “Well? What do you say?” (pictured above) you must respond “No. We’re not doing that”. This 2nd choice is the only correct answer and it’s certainly a curve ball, given that you are essentially encouraged to bend over backwards for Cassie until this point.
  • When Cassie prompts “You did that thing with your fingers and made me scream your name?” only the 1st and 3rd responses will yield hearts.

Easter Egg and Secret

If Cassie starts recounting how “my Nonna would take me to this restaurant” then congratulations, you avoided her walking out on you!

  • When she gets an “unusual cell phone alert” (pictured above), only the 2nd and 3rd responses will get you to both the secret and easter egg picture. Cassie is all about action after all.
  • The easter egg picture comes just before the secret (and you will miss it if you hit skip). Cassie will begin “And… I’ve been struggling over whether or not to trust you” etc. and the easter egg picture icon will appear in the background just above the dialogue “Auto” option (pictured below). Click it!
  • Obviously when Cassie prompts “I want to tell you. Tell me I can tell you.”, you must respond with “You can tell me.”
  • When she asks “Do you… Did I just wreck us?”, you must respond with “No, but we shouldn’t talk more. Not here.” in order for your relationship to continue.
  • When she apologises “…I’m sorry. This is looking really serious. I hate to eat and run, but…”, only the 1st response “Don’t worry. I understand. I had a great time tonight.” will yield hearts.

P.S. Good luck with the bill.

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