Welcome to the Hazama Queen IV-DIZZY mode guide! As you may know, in this game mode, you pre-emptively choose four cards and have to stick with them. I will help you conquer the challenging IV-DIZZY mode using a powerful setup with the Lever Action Rifle, along with the game-changing Power A and Shoot Faster A cards.

Additionally, we’ll explore the optional Plz More card for added safety during the later stages.I am pretty sure you will be able to secure 100% that achievement! As Hazama always says: it is a piece of cake.

Lever Action Rifle:

The Lever Action Rifle was my primary weapon in Hazama Queen’s IV-DIZZY mode. For me, it is the most precise and reliable gun. By combining it with certain cards, you can eliminate its disadvantages.

Power A Card:

The Power A card will be your key to success in IV-DIZZY mode. It empowers the Lever Action Rifle, allowing it to defeat low-level monsters with a single shot and pig and poison creatures with only two shots. You will be able to defeat first two bosses so quickly since your gun will deal remarkable damage.

Here’s how to make the most of it:

Prioritize close targets: Use the one-shot capability to quickly eliminate enemies to keep your health at max. Dont forget to use your right click to keep the momentum while reloading.

Shoot Faster A Card:

The Shoot Faster A card enhances the Lever Action Rifle’s rate of fire which will help you when you encounter too many enemies.

Plz More Card (Optional):

The Plz More card provides extra recoveries, adding a safety net during the later stages of IV-DIZZY mode. While optional, it can be beneficial for those seeking additional security.


With the Lever Action Rifle, Power A, Shoot Faster A, and optionally the Plz More card, you are well-equipped to tackle Hazama Queen’s IV-DIZZY mode. Best of luck.

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