Granblue Fantasy: Relink – Useful Tips for Id

Id Tips

These tips are assuming you have Godmight and Ragnarok Form unlocked on Id.

  1. Godmight amplifies the damage of your SBA with the finishing attack. You’ll see a different animation, so it’s pretty obvious.
  2. After the Godmight combo, you have a brief window to use skills. This is really useful, as you can activate Ragnarok Form(which I recommend you only use to prolong Godmight) to reset your meter. You can also use other skills, then activate Ragnarok Form, and still stay in Godmight. I know it works with Fourfold Vengeance.
  3. Save your skills for Godmight. This one is probably pretty obvious, but it just gets you more mileage.
  4. You can insta-charge Sword Flurry after any skill. Useful for obvious reasons.
  5. After a combo finisher in Dragonform, your next combo will skip the two initial attacks.

I hope that these tips were useful! Apologies if most of them were really obvious. I do think that tip 2 is extremely important though. Tip 3 might just be a personal preference thing though.

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  1. Id is in a weird spot right now. His damage numbers are very low endgame. He always talks about wanting to protect people, and yet his kit is built like a dps. He can be pretty sturdy but his options for extending that protection to others are possible the worst of any character with a protective ability.

    The devil trigger plus obvious Nero inspired look plus just looking at his whole kit scream dps specialist, yet his actual dps is really bad in most instances. Want to use skills for more damage in godmight? Okay they aren’t going to be back up when you go back to normie form and you’re going to bottom out on damage even longer until you can get back into dragon form.

    I really think they should go back and look at his kit. Maybe just the numbers on his caps or maybe how the whole ramp up works.

    Now, that all said, I saw an interesting build for Io on YouTube that looked like a meme build at a glance, it was basically all about maximizing SBA damage and actually mathed out to a slight dps gain over playing her more traditionally.

    I already knew ID had a powered up SBA in godmight, I was just playing him and using it earlier today in fact. But reading this made things click with the Io SBA build I saw yesterday- I wonder how well Id would do with a build optimized for SBA? He isn’t my main and this idea just clicked, but it could definitely be worth looking into for any hardcore Id mains.

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