Governor of Poker 3 – Preserve Winnings with TheNonHacker’s Blackjack Betting System

I developed a system in GOP3 Blackjack that protects you from losses while preserving earlier winnings.

TheNonHacker’s Betting System

I developed a simple system in GOP3 Blackjack that protects you from House Advantage (dealer wins 66% of the time), and help you preserve earlier winnings.

The system is simple. Yay, a short guide!

  • Start betting with the 4th button.
  • Stay betting on a button, until you meet the button movement conditions below.
  • Whenever you lose, go one button down, until you’re on the 1st button.
  • Whenever you get 2 consecutive wins, or double wins, go one button up, until you’re on the 4th button. Ignore counting draws.

That’s it!

6-Deck Blackjack Strategy Table

This requires you to strictly follow the 6-Deck Blackjack Strategy Table below, for better results. Print it, or arrange your windows so that you can see the strategy table while playing GOP3.

Why 6-Decks? Because GOP3 mentioned that on their website:

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