Ghostrunner 2 – Godrunner Achievement / Trophy Guide

How to Get the Godrunner Achievement / Trophy

Finish any 5 levels without dying

As of my writing this guide on 11/01/2023, boss levels do NOT count toward this achievement. It is unknown whether this is a bug or intended by the developers, so it may or may not change.

You DON’T have to clear five levels consecutively, but you do have to complete five non-boss levels without dying.

I recommend completing the following levels deathless:

  • Uninvited Guests – The first and easiest level of the game. This one should probably just take a few attempts, especially if you played GR1 and are already familiar with the mechanics. You can expect a deathless run to be about 5 minutes long.
  • Setting The Stage – This one’s a bit longer and tougher than the first one, but it’s still pretty manageable since there are a lot of platforming sections with few enemies. That being said, some of the platforming is a little janky, so take your time and be careful not to fall to your death. For this level I strongly recommend using the Sharpened Blade upgrade chip if you have it unlocked, since it will allow you to kill the Shinobi (enemies with swords) with your sword like any other enemy type instead of having to Perfect Block their attacks. If you can position this upgrade in your motherboard with no chip on the left or right of it, you won’t have to use up any stamina for this ability to work. Be aware that the Cybervoid section at the end of this level will make you fall off the stage at the end when a platform disappears—this is the only thing you can do at that part, and it won’t count as a death. You can expect a deathless run to be about 8 minutes long.
  • The Hacker’s Den – This is one of the least stressful levels to clear deathless, since it actually has very few enemies. You have to go to three different terminals and complete a brief Cybervoid section at each one. I’d encourage starting with the terminal on your left when you enter the main area, since that path is the only one where you’ll have to deal with a large room of enemies. I’d also recommend using Sharpened Blade for this one if possible, since this level has some Shinobi in it too. You can expect a deathless run to be about 10 minutes long.
  • A Price To Be Paid – This isn’t a very challenging level to complete deathless, since almost the entire level takes place in one room, where most enemies won’t even be targeting you unless you get close to them. Just be cautious, make your way around the room, and try to take out all the enemies in each section together so they don’t start attacking you when you kill the first one. Also, once you get far enough through clearing the enemies, there will be blue boxes on the sides of the platforms that you can hit with shurikens to electrocute all enemies on that platform. On this level I did have a bug where the game said there was still an enemy left alive, but it wasn’t anywhere to be found in the room. It turned out that it was behind one of the red laser walls in the side of the room, and I was able to kill it using the Flux overdrive ability despite not being able to reach it physically. You can expect a deathless run to be about 7 minutes long.
  • I Won’t Be Back Today – This was the most frustrating one that I did deathless, but it’s still not too bad. It’s the first motorbike level and it can unfortunately be pretty difficult to sight-read the gameplay when you’re moving so fast, so you’ll have to memorize a lot of it. It’s not super long, so this is manageable, but it’ll likely take some time. I recommend playing it all the way to the end a few times, even if you die, so you can get practice with the later portions of the level. You’ll die to some dumb things, but keep at it and you’ll eventually get there. If you find yourself getting really frustrated, try turning off the game sound and listening to music instead—it’ll make the attempts less monotonous, and there isn’t really anything you need to be able to hear in this level anyway. This advice honestly could work for any level, and I did it for most of my deathless runs, but sometimes it can be helpful to hear enemies—that’s not applicable here though. You can expect a deathless run to be about 6 minutes long.

This is definitely the toughest achievement for GR2, but none of these pretty early levels are really that bad once you get the hang of them.

You realize the levels are a lot shorter than they seem once you start being able to get through the entire thing without dying! Just keep at it, and you’ll get there eventually.

They’ll also get easier as you’ve progressed further into the game and unlocked more powerful upgrade chips with a higher level motherboard.

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