Escape the Backrooms – How to Skip the Electrical Station

This guide will teach you how to skip the electrical station in escape the backrooms. It may take a little bit of practice to pull it off though. But it dosen’t hurt to try.

Guide to Skip the Electrical Station


Step 1

Make sure you have version 2.1.

Step 2

Once you get to the electrical station on version 2.1 you need to get to the west sub-station where you need to get to the door where the hound chases you down the hallway and once its gone you need to be on the inside of the door where the breaker spawns. Once this is set up you can move on to Step 3.

Step 3

Once your set up. Go to the sloped part of the wall and hold down S and A. Once you get in the doorframe with the door open close the door. As the door clips into you but is still in motion, jump and you should be on top of the electrical station out of bounds.

Step 4

Once your out of bounds turn around about 120 degrees and then B-hop. Once you get to an area with only one light in the center you have to jump across otherwise you will fall back in bounds. Then once you get to the Level 4 loading zone you have successfully skipped the electrical station.

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