ENDER LILIES – Tips and Strategies

Tips and strategies I’ve found out for after you’ve completed the available early access content.

Tips and Strategies

Warning, Contains Spoilers!

Hello, I’m Fokkusu and I’ve never made a guide before… Seems weird to start with something that will eventually become obsolete however I’ve developed a passion for the game and the available content couldn’t slake it so I searched for more… except I didn’t want to cheat to gain access to new areas. I wanted everything legitimately.

It became apparent while playing that there was a lot I could try for, achievements wise. Reach level 100, sure.

[Fully Enhance a blighted spirit]. Seemed okay at first but after trying for it, it became obvious the amount of time needed would be substantial.

[Fully Enhance 5 blighted spirits]. No thanks. Not yet.

And one unexpected one, [Collect 10 Blighted Spirits]

Regardless, I’m going to try and show you some of the un-intended content you can access in the current build.

First of all, the least interesting stuff.

If you DID want to try for the [Fully Enhance a blighted spirit] achievement, the level requirements of blight for every available spirit (excluding the Umbral Knight) is:

  • 0 for level 1
  • 10 for level 2
  • 30 for level 3
  • 90 for level 4
  • 270 for level 5
  • 800 for level 6 [Max]

Bringing the total blight requirement to 1200. (Although some spirits start at a higher level, it’s not enough to make a substantial difference.)

The best way to get this furious/stagnant spirit after you’ve exhausted the static spawns is to smash barrels/containers.

I’ve run some of the routes I’ll be posting following this over a hundred times, and collected data as I did so for some of it.

Over the course of 500 barrels, I received:

  • 119x Stagnant Blight
  • 59x Furious Blight

The average blight I received per barrel was therefore:

  • 0.238 Stagnant Blight per barrel
  • 0.118 Furious Blight per barrel

The percentage change for each is then calculated as:

  • 23.8% chance per barrel to contain a Stagnant Blight
  • 11.8% chance per barrel to contain a Furious Blight

There are obviously not the real statistics, although without further testing it is unreasonable to estimate the real odds, as I cannot guess if I was luckier or unluckier than average.

Here are the two routes I ran. One if from a much earlier part of my experience. (Only level 67, and the bitrate was a lot lower since I was trying to keep it under 100MB to upload to discord.)

Route 1:

25 barrels, 3 minute run time.

Route 2:

27 barrels, 4 minute run time.

Subpar but if you get bored of the first one, it can be refreshing.

For the next videos, I’ll be covering some of the jumps that are possible using momentum cancelling spirits. In particular I used:

  • Umbral Knight
  • Headless Defender
  • Gerrod, the Elder Warrior

There are a few jump patterns that are more or less successful based on the jump you’re attempting and if you’re prioritizing height or distance.

First of all, this jump here to the previously off limits part of the map.

Unfortunately, this half of the map is empty, and while there’s clearly an exit it is currently blocked off by an invisible wall right now. There’s also an item at the top right of the map, but it is not obtainable with current legitimate techniques. Overall an underwhelming experience but still cool.

Following that, something slightly more corporeal, this technique to achieve 20x Stagnant Blight.

Next up, this jump to 30x Stagnant Blight. Not much more to say.

Getting into the really interesting stuff, there’s an item. The Cracked Familiar Stone. There are two jumps here. The important part about the first jump is that you need to Jump, Jump+Dodge and then attack cancel, because we need height more than distance here.

The item gives you Reduced damage taken from enemies, and it takes up 3 relic slots.

This seems like a direct upgrade/compliment to the Broken Music Box. Nice.

Now into what I consider to be probably the best jump, and also the most difficult. It allows you to access a whole new map, and a new miniboss. This means you can get the achievement for 10 spirits if you’ve collected all the other spirits available in EA. The Cliffside Hamlet Elder map.

The first ground slam you see when you walk in is not currently breakable from any method I can see, however the one on the far right side is if you come at it like so:

It contains 100x Stagnant Blight, which can be a significant boost if you’re going for the 1200.

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