Destroy All Humans! – Clone Carnage – Temporary Fix for Incorrect Inputs for Xbox Controllers

As some of you have noticed, the controller inputs for the Clone Carnage have been incorrectly implemented and it has caused some people to not play the game as a result of this. This is where I come in with a temporary fix until THQ Nordic does something about it.

Temporary Fix for Controller Input

Step 1

Connect your xbox controller to your PC and to Steam.

Step 2

Open Big picture mode and choose Destroy all Humans!-Clone Carnage.

Step 3

Go to Manage Game and open Controller Configuration.

Step 4

Choose Browse Configs

Step 5

Choose Gamepad

(Optional) If you are using a controller other than an Xbox One Controller, when clicking on Browse Configs, click on the bottom where it saids, “Show Other Controller Types”. There is where you can choose your own controller to your liking.

Now you are done. So go out there and Destroy All Humans….when people actually start play this game.

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