Deadlink – DX11 Stuttering Fix + Temporal Super Resolution

How to fix stuttering on DX11 and enable Unreal Temporal Super Resolution for those who can’t use FSR2/XeSS.

Easy as Pie: Works on All Unreal 4 Engine Games

Note: Credit goes to G L U E

  • Go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Deadlink\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\

Open Engine.ini via any text editor of your choice.




At the end of the text file and save.

That’s it!

Stuttering Fix only works on DX11 and for any card that isn’t RDNA2, sadly, mine is, so no fix for me, but i tested it with GTX 1060 6GB and it works.

Temportal Super Resolution works exactly like DLSS/XeSS and FSR2, however it uses Unreal Engine 4 built-in scaler, which is of HIGH QUALITY. Simply use the Resolution Scaler present in game. 80% is Ultra Quality, and you will gain around 15-20% more performance using it without any visible loss of quality depending on your GPU.

This is especially useful for AMD Cards that can’t use FSR2 in-game. XeSS is useless on AMD because it needs ARC Chipset to work proeperly and the performance gain is minimal, also the image quality looks horrible and it only works on DX12.

Have fun!

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