Crypt – Map, Guide, Tips for All Achievements

Extensive guide giving you all the info you need to escape the crypt.


The map below and all item locations have been 100% confirmed by me while playing the game and counting “tiles” for an accurate map. There may be more item locations and potential exits that are missing.

Nonetheless I’ve managed to beat the game 5+ times on “normal” and once on “nightmare” with this info.

Thanks to other players and guides for keeping up my spirit and not giving up.

How to Win

  1. Exit starting room.
  2. Pick up Orb.
  3. Acquire all 3 Tomes.
  4. Collect all 4 Keys.
  5. Use keys to unlock door.
  6. Find the real exit door.
  7. Use tomes to escape.


The map layout never changes.

Only tome location changes, and exit room location changes.

Even using a map on second monitor, it’s easy to get lost and cut the wrong corner. But through repetition I learnt all the important routes.


At the start, click “E” on all the pots you walk by, there may be a hidden tome inside.

Collect all tomes before you start taking keys.

When you have two keys, the monster will appear and scare you (don’t touch it).

When you have three keys, the monster will attack.

When you insert all the keys, the monster will run much faster.

Monsters can be dodges. Sometimes they are a bit unpredictable. Sometimes when they run fast, they run into walls and turn slowly and you can pass.

You run faster diagonally, holding A + W or D + W. And sprinting of course.

Recommended Route:

  • Check pots on the way to stone room (with rotating block lock).
  • Take key in stone room.
  • Check each maze floor for keys, starting with bottom and going right -> where there is most potential.
  • After finding all tomes (last might be in lever room), take key in maze.
  • Then go into lever room and activate all levers (if you haven’t already).
  • While standing around the levers, try to scare away the monster up the stairs, out and away.
  • Be quick and take both keys, and go to key holes.
  • Enter all keys, and run to stone room to check if exit is open. Otherwise good luck and try to get to another exit room.

On number 7, if all goes to plan whether you play normal or nightmare. You will not meet any monster until you are up at the coffin area again, there you might have to dodge a bit to enter the keys.


These are not 100% confirmed

  • There’s never more than one tome per area. So when you find one, you can go to the next. For example, there could be one in bottom maze, one in middle maze and one on starting floor.
  • There could potentially be tomes in ANY of the pots.
  • There could potentially be tomes in other dead ends not marked on map.
  • I’m missing at least one exit room on the map. I have unlocked all keys, checked both places both still not find an exit.
  • Orders of entering keys, does it matter? Not sure but me and other players seems to have most success with the order 3,1,2,4 counting left to right. Or click is this order indicated in this image:


Every time you restart the entire game, you need to set the options again.

Up (max) FOV to have a wider view. Set preferred sensitivity.

THE GREGGENING = Nightmare mode = 10 monsters instead of 1

The rest I have no idea, but I have played with “Can Win Game” on always. It also gives an achievement.


  1. As the person that has the most hours in Crypt, nearing 652 as of commenting, I will say that most of the tomes are not mapped out, you are missing 5 exits and, do not post any theories as to the code. after all there are only 24 different combinations and it takes the fun out if you already know it.

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