CrocoMars – 100% Achievements Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements


This is a freebie for starting the game up.

Two More Freebies

These two achievements are given for going to the planet’s surface for the first time.

  • The First Arrival!
  • Hero!


A simply achievement for activating you first checkpoint.

What happened?

Simple achievement, just die for the first time

A Medal for the [Blank] Device!

Each achievements corresponds with the first use of each support devices. Simply right click the to activate the support device whose symbol matches corresponding symbol in the achievement picture.

  • First Device
  • Second Device
  • Third Device
  • Fourth Device
  • Fifth Device
  • Sixth Device
  • Seventh Device
  • Eighth Device

Enemy Achievements

These achievements correspond with killing the surface enemies depicted of the achievements for the first time.

  • Army of Demons!
  • A Green Friend!
  • Angry Head!
  • Octopus!
  • A Horned Eye!
  • A Battle Robot!


Another easy achievement for collecting your first cracker dropped by defeated enemies.

A Mega Explosion!

This achievement is for surviving long enough for the bomb to the underground to go off.

The Final Boss

These achievements are received from the final boss.

What is it?

Defeat Underground Boss.

Energy source!

Pick up dropped loot.

Deer Achievement Trio

These achievements are received from the TRUE final boss. YOUR BOSS, CAPTAIN DEER!!!

Death Machine!

Fight Captain Deer.

Captain Deer!

Defeat Captain Deer.

Pain and Tears!

Get Killed by Captain Deer’s Exploding Corpse.

Time Loop!

Yet another simple achievement, just jump into the spaceship after defeating Captain Deer.


And the final achievement of CrocoMars, simply go back to the surface after beating Captain Deer and then click on the penguin that replaces the player character.

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