Command & Conquer: Renegade – Multiplayer Basic Tactics

These are some basic tactics that are helpful to know if you are new to Renegade. They’ll give you an idea of what to expect on public servers.

As you get to grip with multiplayer you’ll develop your own skills and play styles, but it cannot be stressed enough that communication and coordination gives you and your team the upper hand in this game. The following is just helpful in what to expect and will get you started.

Start of the Game Infantry Scramble

Note: Credit goes to Lachlan

When the map first starts, nobody will have enough credits to buy any vehicles or character upgrades. Typically this is a good time to run out of the base as one of the free characters and attempt to earn credits or hinder the enemy team if possible.

Infantry shoot-outs

  • Most maps have tunnels between the bases which you can run through to meet other infantry coming from the enemy team. A shoot-out ensues and the winners will either takeover the tunnels or proceed to try rush into the enemy base and plant C4 inside one of the buildings.
  • This is especially true in maps that don’t have the AGT/Obelisk, and if the victorious infantry can indeed take down a building within the first minute or two of the game.

Attacking/defending the harvester

  • Another trick at the very start of the game is to run out of the base and destroy the enemy harvester by planting C4 on it. If successful, the enemy team will have to wait even longer to get their first batch of credits, since the harvester needs to respawn and drive out again.
  • Of course, you’ll also need to prevent the enemy team from doing the same thing to your harvester, so it’s common to play as Engineers in this tactic: you have C4 to attack their harvester and a repair gun to heal yours.

Owning the Middle-Ground

Once you’ve got credits, you’ll want to get take ownership of the map’s middle ground, denying the enemy team the chance to make their way over to your base. The GDI Mobile Rocket Launcher System (MRLS) or Nod Artillery (Arty) are good tanks to get out early in the game.

The more friendly tanks you have out in the middle ground, the bigger a problem you are for the enemy team. Generally with a small group you’ll make your way to the entrance of their base, just out of reach of their AGT/Obelisk and start firing at a building.

Once you have more tanks to back you up, you may even push into their base.


Rushes are essentially where you charge into the enemy base together with some of your teammates. They are almost always coordinated efforts and a great way of getting things destroyed.

There are three main kinds:

Vehicle rushes

  • You and some of your teammates all purchase the same vehicle (usually) and once everyone in your rush is ready you head out and charge into the enemy base.
  • The general tactic whilst charging in is to all attack the same building, with the target building being decided by the players taking part. Vehicle rushes are particularly successful if there’s a clear path into the enemy base; if the enemy team has a group of tanks defending then they will get in the way are hamper the amount of vehicles that manage to charge in.

Infantry rushes

  • This common tactic at the start of the game can be used again, when the enemy team expect it less or with upgraded characters.
  • Of particular note is the rocket character rush (such as Gunner or Nod Rocket Officer), if a sizable amount of rocket characters team up and fire at a building the enemy isn’t expecting an attack on, there’s a good chance you can take it down.

APC rush

  • Sometimes called an engy rush; this is where multiple engineers get into an APC and drive into the enemy base towards a target building.
  • Once there the engineers jump out and plant C4 on the building’s MCT in the hopes of a quick take-down. The APC’s purpose is to withstain the damage of the base defences attacking it and get the passengers to the enemy building.
  • The most effective defence against this tactic is for the defenders to drive one of their own vehicles into the path of the APC and physically block it. This allows the AGT/Obelisk or the defending team to attack it further before it gets the chance to reach it’s destination. Multiple APCs with teams of engineers inside increase the chances of the attacking team.

All these ideas involve team coordination. Not only do you need to use chat/voicechat to suggest and get others onboard with your plan, but you also don’t want to leave your own base empty whilst everyone takes part in the rush.

Being Mindful of EVA

EVA is the name of the announcer, a female voice that reports on buildings being attacked and beacons being planted etc.

If you start doing damage to an enemy building, everyone in the game hears their team’s EVA announce “Warning: Building X under attack”. The enemy will be alert and go and repair/defend the building.

As such, consider these two situations:

  • You’re a Nod Technician who has managed to sneak into a GDI building unnoticed. You have enough Timed C4 and Remote C4 to single-handedly destroy the building by planting these on it’s MCT! You plant your C4 on the MCT and detonate the remotes, the building has lost a good chunk of it’s health and in a few moments the timed C4 will go off completely destroying the building!
  • But wait- because you set of the Remote C4 and damaged the building, EVA announces the building is under attack and the enemy team is now running over to repair it. They manage to kill you, disarm your timed C4 and repair the building back to health. A missed opportunity.
  • Instead, you should plant your C4 on the MCT and wait for the timed C4 to detonate first, then immediately detonate your remote C4. Although EVA will announce the damage, you detonating your remote C4 a split second later will destroy the building giving the enemy no time to respond and repair.
  • You’re a GDI player and you and a group of other teammates are all in tanks about to rush into the enemy base. If you rush in and all target the closest building, EVA will announce that the building is under attack and the enemy team will run to repair it, but then if you immediately target another building at the other side of the base for example, some of the engineers won’t immediately notice this until the next EVA announcement.

Stalemate / Siege Tricks

Sieges are where a team has a considerable amount of tanks camped at the enemy base entrance/just out of sight, taking pot-shots or firing upon usually the building nearest to the base entrance. In turn, the enemy engineers are sitting inside that building repairing it’s MCT.

This kind of gameplay can go on indefinitely, so here’s a few tricks you can do in the background whilst that’s going on that may help push the game forward.

  • If you’re able to get to it, plant a beacon outside the building being sieged. The enemy engineers will be put in a difficult situation where they can either continue repairing the building to save it from the tanks, or go try and disarm the beacon… leaving the building with less people repairing it from siege fire.
  • Similarly, lets say your team has a lot of tanks firing on a single building, and the enemy engineers are also concentrating on repairing it. You join your team’s tanks in firing upon the building, but it’s not making much difference since the health gets repaired right back up. But then you notice you can fire past that building and hit another building where nobody seems to be repairing it back up. Sometimes you can get that building down to moderately-low health and then issue a Radio Command calling on your teammates to quickly concentrate on the alternative building. Before the enemy engineers can run over from the original building- it’s too late.
  • A tunnel rocket rush. Let’s say you’re on GDI in Field and some of your teammates in their tanks are keeping Nod occupied repairing the Hand of Nod at the front of their base entrance. If a considerable amount of Gunners/Rocket Officers meet up and make their way through the tunnels they can all fire upon the Airstrip or Obelisk from within the tunnel, catching Nod off guard. With enough luck you can destroy the building, which in turn will hamper their defence strategy going forward.
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