Bee Island – Beginners Tips

How to Play

Now I will tell you how to play bee island in the most efficient way!

First, you need to understand what the purpose of the game is. One game mode is currently available. In it, waves of opponents attack the player’s base every 5-8 minutes, trying to kill the queen.

To prevent this, the player needs to build defensive structures. Resources are required to build. Let’s start with them!

There are 6 resources in the game:

  1. Pollen
  2. Nectar
  3. Wax
  4. Honey
  5. Fortified wax
  6. Ambrosia

Bees extract pollen and nectar themselves and carry them to storage next to the queen. To fill 1 vault completely, the bee needs to pour 2 buckets into it (that is, fly for resources twice). To produce all other resources, factories are needed.

For example, a wax plant consumes pollen and produces wax. To produce 1 full storage of wax, the plant needs 1 full storage of pollen.

  • To produce honey, you need nectar and a honey plant.
  • For the production of hardened wax, wax, pollen and nectar are needed.
  • For the production of ambrosia, honey and nectar are needed.

Now let’s talk about bees. Bees are produced in kindergarten, school and barracks. If wax is needed to produce buildings, then honey and eggs are needed to produce bees! The eggs are produced by the queen. Approximately 1 egg per minute. They lie next to her on pillows.

For example, to produce 1 bee in a kindergarten, you need one egg and a full storage of honey.

In the end – you will need a laboratory to discover more and more effective weapons. I recommend opening it first, and then everything else.

Survive the waves. Open studies and at the end of the studies you will find endings!

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