ARK: Survival Ascended – Console Commands That Help You Get More FPS

ARK Commands That Help Me Get Higher FPS

Is water surfaces killing your FPS, me too. I use a AMD RX 580, so pretty bad for this game but I can get to 30 and sometimes 40 fps with these commands.

Put these commands in by pressing [~] Tilde key below of [Esc].

  • Stat FPS – Shows your current FPS.
  • r.Water.SingleLayer 0 – Turns off water surfaces only(once you GO INTO where water would normally be you will see water as if you were swimming. Changing the number to “0” deactivates, changing the number to “1” activates.
  • r.SkyAtmosphere 0 – I believe disables ambient fog in the sky (correct me if I am wrong). Changing the number to “0” deactivates, changing the number to “1” activates.
  • r.VolumetricCloud.DisableCompute 0 – Disable volumetric clouds.

I usually only use “r.Water.SingleLayer 0” and “r.SkyAtmosphere 0” as that is where I see best performance.

This will obviously make your game look bad, but at least you can play. To add to this, setting all video settings to low, off, and sliding sliders to minimum will also help.

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