Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Zombies – Town: Fastest & Safest Strategy Guide (Spawn Control & Drop Cycle Manipulation)

Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Zombies - Town: Fastest & Safest Strategy Guide (Spawn Control & Drop Cycle Manipulation)
Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Zombies - Town: Fastest & Safest Strategy Guide (Spawn Control & Drop Cycle Manipulation)

In this guide I will be covering:

  • Early round setup
  • Weapons & efficiency
  • Spawn control
  • Drop cycle manipulation
  • Trade outs

Early Round Setup Strategy

Rounds 1-5 stay in the m14 & staminup location to farm around 5000 points. On round 5 move to grab jug, buying more ammo when needed. Round 6 you should have enough points to purchase double tap & staminup.

Note: It’s crucial that you keep the door to bank (speed cola) closed as this will ruin your spawn control.

Keep repeating the same train using the starting pistol & m14 until about round 9 when you should purchase galvaknuckles & quick revive. After you reach rounds 10-15 you might want to pack a punch the starting pistol and think about hitting the box.

Which Weapons to Use

There are 4 main weapons you will want to be spinning for on town, these weapons are in order:

  • Raygun MK2 10/10
  • Raygun 9/10
  • Executioner (PAP’d) 8/10
  • Galil (PAP’D) 8/10

Each of these weapons will easily carry you to round 30 when you should start the practice of spawn control. Other weapons to consider:

  • MP5 (wall buy) 7/10
  • Ultra & Violet (fivesevens) 7/10
  • Python 6/10
  • RPD 6/10
  • HAMR 6/10

You may also want to grab either monkey bombs or emps. Emps can be very useful for trade outs especially when the box is inside the bar as it’s hard to train in that area.

Anything else won’t provide enough power or safety so try to stick to the ones listed above for the best chances of survival 🙂

Rounds 30-40

After round 30 the zombies spawn rate starts to increase significantly. This means it would be a good idea to incorporate a spawn control strategy. The most effective one that I’ve listed in the video is the bar strategy, this consists of running a few zombies around the pool table at the start of the round, then running to the lamp post by the burned out car, then trailing the zombies around the fire pit & over by staminup before finally running your figure of eight back to the bar, killing your horde and repeating.

You might need to trade outs at the end of the round for the late 30’s and early 40’s however if you’re efficient with your ammo management this shouldn’t be an issue yet. I managed to achieve round 48 before I needed to do a mid round trade out, however I made a few end round trade outs in the late 30’s

40+ Drop Cycle Manipulation

After round 40 is when ammo starts becoming tight, I’d recommend using a drop cycle strategy that allows you to have less carpenters & more max ammos. The 5 drops in town:

  • Max ammo
  • Insta kill
  • Nuke
  • 2x points
  • Carpenter

The ones that you want to get and insta kills, max ammos and nukes can help too. By reducing the amount of carpenters this will make you more likely to get a max ammo, I will explain how this works.

Carpenters will only need to spawn when there is an exact number of windows that have no boards on them, if the windows are already boarded up there is no need for a carpenter so the game will remove it from the drop cycle.

You can abuse this by at the end of every round boarding up 2 planks on each window. It may not be 100% effective but it will definitely increase your chances of getting the drops that you actually need to survive.

Mid Round Trade Outs & Insta Kills

Once you reach the 40’s you will likely start to need to perform mid round trade outs.

If the box is at the bar it’s best to horde the zombies up & throw an emp so you can spin until you get the weapon that you desire without having to worry about training.

If the box is in the alley then I recommend saving your emps and just training them around as it’s a lot faster and safer to do so in the alley.

When an insta kill has dropped you should throw a semtex on the ground as you grab it & mainly use the mustang and sally + semtexes to kill the zombies. You can easily kill upwards of 100 zombies per insta kill if you’re efficient and this will save lots of time & ammo within the game.

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