NBA 2K20 – Locker Codes

NBA 2K20 - Locker Codes
NBA 2K20 - Locker Codes

Updated list of NBA 2K20 locker codes.

Locker Codes and Tokens VC


  • Chance at 3 tokens, 1500 MT or a Base League Pack.


  • Chance at up to 3 tokens.

How to Redeem

  • MyTEAM → Extras → Locker Codes

Open up the game and go to the MyTEAM menu, then go to the page Extras and on the top left there will be a menu called Locker Codes. This is where you can enter all of the codes. Note that in NBA 2K19 most codes expired after one week, it’s still not clear if this is the case in this years 2K as well but if so an indicator whether the code is still available will be added later on.

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