Re:Legend – Beginners Guide

Re:Legend - Beginners Guide
Re:Legend - Beginners Guide

A overall guide to understanding the workings of Re:Legend and for new players to jump in and get to know the game mechanics.


Re:Legend is a new age fusion between the popular games Pokemon and Stardew Valley. It brings the monster taming gameplay aspects from Pokemon with the farm life charm of Stardew Valley. Although the game is in early access it is missing many key tutorials and pieces of information to get the player into the game. This guide will go over those components to allow new players to start playing in without the constant confusion.


After the opening you get plopped down on you’re own little farm with nothing much more then some tools and eventually some seeds. This is a perfect time to get the farming aspect of the game down. In order to properly farm you must use the hoe to prepare the ground before watering it either with the watering can, which will give you experience in its skill, or with a magnus, which will not give you experience in a skill. You will have water the crops for a set number of days before it is grown. Afterwards some crops can be harvested right away while being destroyed in the process while others can he reharvested.

Underwater Crops

One of the failures of the games tutorial system is explaining underwater crops. In order to plant underwater crops you must use a shovel underwater instead of a hoe.


FIshing is very simple, although the game itself does not tell players how to perform it. In order to fish you must find a area with fish in it, these are areas with the shadow of a fish under the water. When approaching it a symbol will appear over you’re head if you have a fishing rod out. You may then interact with it and you will caste the rod. The fish will instantly gain attention to the rod and prod it two times before biting it on the third. This then throws the player into the fishing mini-game. There are two bars in this mini-game. The top bar which is a fishing rod represents the rod health, and if it is completely filled then the fish will get away. The bottom bar is the progress of catching the fish, when this bar is full then you may reel in the fish fully. In order to do this you need to balance pulling the fish with waiting for the rod durability to refill. During this time the fish may swim around, requiring you to use the WASD keys to make sure it does not get away.

After capturing a fish it is then placed into the inventory where it then has many uses, such as food, selling, and placing them into the pond. In order to place fish into the pond you simply make it the active item and then throw it into the pool. If the fish is the improper size for the pool it is instantly returned to the inventory so you can throw it into the other.


Taming and taking care of the games Magnus is not very well explained by the game. Taming and properly caring for Magnus is much more then just throwing food at it then jumping on it. In order to capture a Magnus you must throw food it likes at it. Giving it food it likes more will prepare it to be tamed much faster. When it is ready you can then get on and use the WASD keys to keep the arrow in the middle. After being tamed you have to deal with feeding the Magnus. If it is kept at the barn you can put its food in its trough while Magnus that are in the party must be fed by throwing food at it. At a certain point after a Magnus has reached a certain level and its stats are at a certain point a Magnus can be given a specific food to cause it to evolve.


Gathering in-game may be implied to be in the mine but all mining and wood gathering is done in the combat zone. Within the combat zone there are nodes that can be mined using the proper tool with the time taken to mine it depending on the power of the tool.

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