Remnant: From the Ashes – HP Regen Build / Like a Dead Space Regenerator

Remnant: From the Ashes - HP Regen Build / Like a Dead Space Regenerator
Remnant: From the Ashes - HP Regen Build / Like a Dead Space Regenerator

What’s Needed, Updated After The Big Patch

Great for Normal / Hard difficulty.

So here is the build in action on Hard fighting the Shroud.

So, you can die, you can regen a lot, you can move pretty fast, you have tentacles that will heal you and you can also eat Plums sold by the Stuck merchant in Yaesha wich increase your hp regen for 1 hour.

It’s a very complex build that needs a lot of stuff that’s upgraded, some items if they are not upgraded they will perform worse.

  • #1 Twisted armor, Random Earth Encounter, The Root Shrine, just survive.

  • #2 The Ruin rifle upgraded so when you die you ressurect immediatly with 100% health and 10% damage reduction for a few seconds. Just kill the Undying King, he is not so hard to kill.

  • #3 Curse of the jungle god pistol, again upgrade it for a lot more damage, when the tentacles hit they actually heal you if you have the Leech Ember. Just kill the Ravager, it’s his normal drop.

  • #4 Rive scyte, melee weapon that heals you when you damage enemies. Give the guardian heart to the Undying King (yeah you have to do the undying king 2 times) and he will reward you with it.

  • #5 Leech Ember, random ring found in Rhom, melee attacks regenerate hp, it shows in the world analyzer.
  • #6 Blood Font, hp regen ring found in Corsus, use world analyzer.
  • #7 Mender’s Charm, increases hp regen, sold by Wud, Rhom merchant, pretty easy to get.

You can also use a lot of traits to make it better like the Triage Trait from the shrine of the immortal wich is a siege that should always appear in Yaesha. The rest of the traits depend on you.

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