ATLAS – Tips and Tricks / F.A.Q.

ATLAS - Tips and Tricks / F.A.Q.
ATLAS - Tips and Tricks / F.A.Q.


How to show FPS?

Once in-game, press the ~ (tilde key) and type “stat fps” (without quotes).

How to place Door Frames?

Its very easy, build a normal wall and before placing it press T to switch between wall options. One of them is Door Frame.

How to find water and drink?

Press X to lie down. Then click left mouse button. If a small bar will appear, you must click when marker will in white zone. Enjoy fresh water 😉

Vitamins & You

  • Vitamin A (Yellow bar): Vegetables.
  • Vitamin B (Pink bar): Meat.
  • Vitamin C (Orange bar): Berries.
  • Vitamin D (Blue bar): Fish. 

Tips and Tricks

  • Meat and fish are best harvested with a pickaxe, hatchet gathers more hide.
  • You can respec for free once per level from the inventory screen.
  • Do not overeat any food group, or you will get sick and probably die.
  • Pigs have a pack mentality and will gang up on you.
  • Swimming does not drain stamina.
  • While the game has a lot of different resources, most of them are the same. To give an example, hemp and straw are both “Fiber,” and you can see that as an icon next to their picture.
  • Cows and alligators drop prime meat.

Getting Started

In this Atlas tutorial, we discuss getting started on a Lawless Island and surviving your first few hours in the game. These basic tips can be applied to the starting Freeport islands as well.

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