Streets of Rogue – Guide to Custom Characters

Streets of Rogue - Guide to Custom Characters
Streets of Rogue - Guide to Custom Characters

This guide details what I believe to be some of the more potent perks and which ones to avoid if you wish to make your character overpowered without going over the point threshold.


This guide is for those who have unlocked all characters or those who don’t mind seeing spoilers for the mechanics of some of the game’s base classes. This is all based on my opinion, and is influenced by my particular playstyle. Streets of rogue is a game that can appeal to many people with many playstyles.

Best Stats to Pick

Each of the stats cost 2 points each to upgrade.

  • Endurance.
  • Speed.
  • Melee.
  • Guns

Of these four stats, seek to prioritize speed over all else.
Speed allows you to catch up to people quicker, run away, and most importantly, dodge. Furthermore, speed can be the difference between getting in and out unseen and getting trapped in a corner by guns and melee weapons.

Health is important enough to consider leveling up, but it isn’t so important that you should feel obligated to level it up. Obviously, being able to take more hits is better, however, there are other ways to go about doing that.

Melee and guns are obviously up to player preference, but I tend not to level them up at all due to the perks I typically like to pick.

Special Abilities and My Favorites

(costs 5 points) This skill allows you to break down pesky walls and other breakable objects. The problem is this ability is loud and you can’t stop till you hit something unbreakable by normal means. It functions well with the Master of Disaster perk that the Jock has, however, I’d say avoid it as there are plenty of other ways to get to what you want.

Primal Lunge (costs 5 points) This skill is similar to the Charge perk in that it has a small wind-up time and does quite a bit of damage. does not break walls and has a short range. However, the damage isn’t anything to really write home about as unless you have time to charge it, you will probably get hit while channeling. It isn’t a bad perk by any means, just not one of my favorites.

Sticky Glove (costs 5 points) Fun to use, but honestly pretty weak. Steal an item from whoever you’re behind. Just don’t try to do it in front of someone, or you will have made a new enemy.

Toss (costs 5 points) Entertaining as all hell. Pick up objects and chuck em at people. Certain items cause status effects. Worth playing around with for entertainment value, but it won’t make you overpowered.

Zombie Phlegm (costs 5 points) making your own follower is cool n all. But unless you use certain perks, the zombies that your zombies make will still attack you, and everyone will try to attack your zombies. Only use this if you’re making a custom zombie character, and even then, the base zombie works fine.

Camouflage (costs 7 points) Easily one of my favorite abilities and ridiculously useful. When paired with backstabber, you can take out a hefty number of targets very easily and very quickly. Not the best for sustaining yourself, but certainly the best for stopping fights before they can begin.

Joke (costs 7 points) Getting people to like you is ok. But most of the time, I find people will end up being annoyed by you. With an ability like this being pretty luck based, I tend to avoid using it.

Laptop (costs 7 points) I think that, in its current state, it is far too punishing to use this. Don’t get me wrong, when the alarm doesn’t go off, this ability is godlike, but the alarm goes off far too often. I’ve personally got terrible luck, so I dislike using abilties with random chance attached. The killer robots that get sent after you can also be hacked though, so that’s kinda funny.

Bite (costs 10 points) Absolutely godlike ability when the enemies have high health. Don’t use this on “everybody hates you” mode or you’ll have a bad time. Remember what I just said about random chance? This ability has a small bit of it, but you’ll still get at least 1 hp per succ so that’s always good. This is one of my go-to abilities when making a character because of how much you end up surviving. When in doubt, go with the SUCC.

Enslave (costs 10…by itself) I like the tazer like any man, but it’s a 4 extra points just to get this ability to behave itself. When it does work, having your own little squad of suicide bombers is fun, but it’s the cost that really puts me off.

Handcuffs (costs 10 points) A much worse, louder version of chloroform that doesn’t work on everybody. Only get this if you’re making a specific cop custom character. However, this is not recommended as making a cop custom character typically requires “The law” which costs 10 as well, putting you at the point threshold without even adding any stat points or items. If you wanna play a cop, just play the cop character.

Chloroform Hankie (costs 12 points)] A much better, quieter version of the handcuffs that works on everybody. My go-to for playing any stealth custom character aside from Camouflage of course. Also fun to grief your friends with. (warning, if you have crepe crusher/bluhd basher/specist/scientist slayer, kill them instead of knocking them out, or you will not recieve as much exp).

Cannibalize (costs 16 points) On the “Everyone hates you” mutator, this is easily the most broken ability you can get. 14 health guarenteed off of every corpse you consume. And trust me, there will be a lot of corpses. Just don’t get bloody mess.

Traits and My Favorites

Favorte Perks:

Potential To Not Suck (costs 5 points) Every 2 levels, gain a stat point. As you recall from earlier, stats cost 2 points each to level up once. This one can save you a couple points on that end which is why it’s one of my favorites. However, if you want really good synergy, then you should invest in;

Super Studious (costs 7 points) +50% exp on everything. Definitely makes potential to not suck rediculously good, particularly when you’re already level 3 by the end of 1-1.

Tech Expert: (costs 3 points) Gives you extra options when dealing with computers. Those extra options being:

  • 1: Turn on poison gas.
  • 2: Turn off/on security.
  • 3: Open pits and use crushers.
  • 4: 100% chance to disable cameras when interacting with them.

This perk makes stealth a lot more viable along with another perk which is.

Blends in Nicely (costs 5 points) This isn’t the strongest perk, but it is very useful when making stealth builds. Reduces enemy sight distance. It’d be better if it simply showed you a cone in which enemies would be able to spot you, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Bluhd Basher (-3 points) Crepe Crusher (-3 points) Specist (-2 points) Scientist Slayer (-2 points).

These all effectively do the same thing. They make one type of enemy REEEEALLY hate you, and they give extra exp when you kill them. The thing is, because of my playstyle, I killed all of these guys anyway, so getting extra exp for it is just awesome. Plus, they count as negative points, so you can get back under the 20 point threshold.

Backstabber (costs 5 points) Really good in all situations, but especially good with camouflage. The only time I wouldn’t get it is if I had means of taking someone down non-violently.

Worth Mentioning:

Modern Warfarer: sounds good on paper. But you really don’t want to be under 20 hp to begin with. Chances are, you’ll probably die more often than see this ever start adding hp.

Knuckly: Extra damage on fists SOUNDS fantastic. And if you’re doing a fists only run, it really is. However, everyone else has guns, knives, bats, etc. and you have limited range and take damage when you block with your fists. Not worth putting on a custom character first thing. You can always add it later on though!

Studious: As soon as you see this perk when getting to pick between 3 perks, take it. You’ll never see this if you have super studious though.

Bloodlust: Costs 16 points. Why am I mentioning that on this and not the others? It’s 16 points that could be spent on other things. I’m decently sure that you get more hp off of corpses with cannibal anyway. And bite can heal you before the fight even starts or even end it before it starts if your hp is low enough.

Ultimate Butter-fingerer: It’s actually pretty good. But it costs quite a bit, and I rarely ever manage to proc it. Stealing someone’s weapon is good, but honestly, I’ll just wait for butterfingerer to appear during the perk selection process at the end of levels.

Master of Disaster: The exp you get from it isn’t worth it. I mean, it’s still exp and exp is always welcome, but it just doesn’t really matter much, even with super studious.

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