20 Minutes Till Dawn – Useful Tips and Tricks

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

These are just little tips for you to take into every game.

Opening and closing trees. This is a very important concept that I will be referencing throughout the guide. Opening a tree refers to picking the first upgrade of an upgrade tree, which then adds two more upgrades to the pool available to you. Closing a tree refers to picking the last upgrade available in a tree therefore reducing the available upgrade upon level up. This is extremely important to keep track of as in some context you will want to do one or the other. Here is a quick example: At the beginning of the game you usually want to open as many trees that are useful to your build as possible. This way every time you level up it is less likely that you are faced with useless or sub-optimal upgrades. On the other hand some builds may require very specific synergies (synergies are upgrades that are unlocked by combining certain regular upgrades). For example if you are playing a shotgun build you probably want to get the mini clip synergy as fast as possible therefore you would try to open as few trees as possible and even try to close as many as possible to give yourself the best chance of getting the synergy requirements and the synergy itself.

Movement is key in this game. It is your main tool of survival. For that reason each build should either use the run and gun which allows you to run while shooting, or use the mini clip synergy upgrade which reduces your clip size to 1 with any gun. having a fast reloading clip of 1 bullet basically allows you to stutter step, which while not as good as moving while shooting is still excellent and doesn’t cost you points down an upgrade tree which doesn’t improve your damage (i.e the movement tree). P.s: there are two exceptions to this rule: Abby because she can already move while using her right click, and Hina who can teleport with her right click.

Experience is very important as it allows you to see more upgrades. But walking up to experience spread all over the map to pick it up is extremely inefficient. This is why i recommend standing still as often as you can to let the monsters come to you. Once you are satisfied with the giant ring of experience that has accumulated around you (or are in need of a specific upgrade immediately), you can start moving in that circle pick it all up and return to your starting position. Another reason why this technique is so good is a rune called “Growth”. This rune heals you for 1 Hp every time you gain 5 levels (5,10,15, etc), creating this circle means that you aren’t wasting any of this potential healing when you don’t need it and can easily heal if you need to. There are a few moments when I would strongly recommend doing this and a few when you should avoid doing this. Next will be a small breakdown of how this should go.

“Experience rings” breakdown by game time: For the first few minutes of the game (until about 17 min which is when the first elite spawns) you should be running and dodging while slowly collecting your Xp as usual. By the time you have defeated the first elite and picked up your first item you should be around level 10. Standing still should now be easily achievable. From here until the next boss you should attempt standing still for as long as possible and at 15:15 (or just before the boss gets there), quickly pick up all the Xp to gain an advantage in the fight. once the boss is defeated pick up any large Xp piles leftover. If there are none just go back to standing still until the 10 minute mark. There will be eyeballs shooting at you from 14 to 12 min some builds will be able to stand still and only dodge when the bullets get close, while others may have to walk up to the eyeballs to eliminate them. Either way make sure you stay near the center of your circle while getting rid or dodging those pesky eyeballs. At 10:00 the flying monsters will start spawning. They start by spawning slowly so use this opportunity to pick up the entirety of your Xp circle while avoiding them, then return to the center and go back to standing still. Once you start seeing eyeballs again (at 9:00) pick up all of your Xp as you will need to move to defeat the next elite anyways. Once the elite is defeated eyeballs will keep spawning until around 6:30 which means we dodge or kill eyeball in a small circle. Then until the last boss only winged enemies will spawn so return to standing still until the 5:15 mark. The boss spawns at 5 minutes, but you want enough time to pick up your experience before the boss cage appears which might cause some of your Xp to be stuck outside. After defeating the boss the small tentacle monsters will spawn again from 4:00 to 2:00 in large quantity. So simply stand still until the 2 minute mark. at which point winged creatures will spawn once more. From here run around while killing them and picking up the Xp from your circle until the game ends.

Nearing end game. Once the 5 minute mark is reached, and the last boss is about to spawn, you should start putting all your points into survivability unless you feel that you are missing damage. This means upgrading the Hp, Pyro or Holy shield line if you hadn’t already. Otherwise you should go into the magnet line to pick up Xp faster, which ends up giving you more upgrades and so more survivability.

Exploding enemies. This one should be fairly obvious but in the begining of he game (until the first elite or so) you should try to herd the enemies into large clumps so that you can shoot the exploding enemies and be kill a lot of them at once. This is particularly useful if you build lacks area damage.


There are currently three elite fights and two bosses in the game. These are a few tips to make them easier. Here they are explained in order of appearance in a game.

Bonus general tip: As a rule, spending a little bit of time to clear large packs of monster every 3 to 5 seconds is recommended as it allows you more breathing room while fighting the bosses. (this means you should shoot the boss for a while, then turn to shoot a few rounds into the minions and immediately turn back to shoot the boss).

  • 17:00 Floaty Insect. This elite is basically just a regular tentacle minion with a lot of HP that deals double damage. So because it basically is a tentacle minion, treat it as one. Simply run around in a circle to try to herd the regular minions around it so you can shoot both at the same time.
  • 15:00 Charging Dino. In my opinion this is the hardest boss/elite in the game, simply because he arrives very early before you have had the time to set up anything through upgrades. This Dino charges at you and deals 2 damage. To defeat this boss I strongly recommend having a way of moving while doing damage. There are a few ways to do this.
    1. Unlock the run and gun upgrade. This allows you to move while shooting.
    2. Having a small clip size. This allows you to stutter step (shoot,step,shoot,etc) which slows you down less than continuous shooting and is best achieved by using the mini clip synergy which reduces your ammo to 1.
    3. Using summons. Summon builds deal most of there damage through there pets attacking, allowing them to move at the same time.
    4. Abby and Hina’s abilities. Both of these characters right mouse button give them some form of mobility. Abby can move while shooting and Hina can dash.
  • 8:40 Hive ball. This elite is a slow moving ball that summons very small minions to attack you. It is fairly simple to defeat. I would recommend going around in a circle while always facing it so that your bullets (which hopefully pierce at this point) or any other source of area damage kills monsters that are behind it (most importantly eyeballs), while also dealing with his summons. The most problematic part of this fight is actually the eyeballs that are shooting at you during it. So if for some reason you aren’t able to do full circles around it (dam trees!), I recommend spending a little bit of time killing the eyeballs whenever you see one.
  • 5:00 Lazer ball. This boss shoots 5 lasers This boss, similar to the first one, requires good mobility so the same solutions apply. However this boss is a bit more forgiving for two reasons. First you should have enough upgrades by now that you can deal with anything. Second this boss only deals 1 damage with his beams even on darkness 15. This is also why in my general tips i strongly recommended grabbing any Hp regen or max Hp upgrades just before this boss, as it ensures your survival. The other part of this boss is similar to the hive ball because eyeballs will be spawning throughout the fight. In addition to these, suicide bombers will be spawning. To help deal with these minions you should move away from the boss before shooting them, because the boss moves very slowly and only attacks you when within a fairly short range. (yes, even if the beams themselves have infinite range).
  • 4:00 Dragon. This elite is similar to the first in that it is exactly the same as some minions. This one however is a buffer version of the flying minions. By this point he should really just be a large punching bag. and if you have low damage you can completely ignore him and focus on surviving instead.
  • Global solution If you are struggling with any boss, just know that a high enough attack speed + freeze chance can keep the bosses frozen almost permanently.

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