Remothered: Tormented Fathers – Walkthrough

Remothered: Tormented Fathers - Walkthrough
Remothered: Tormented Fathers - Walkthrough

Walkthrough for the complete game.
Warning: Before you read this walkthrough remember that it would ruin your game experience.

Full Walkthrough

  1. Explore the outside of the mansion first and find the collectibles outside like one in the poster.
  2. The front door is locked so you have to find an alternative way inside.
  3. Once the cutscene is complete get the key gloria has left and go inside the mansion.
  4. Once inside gather everything you can (you can only have a maximum of 3 distractions and 1 weapon) before you investigate the mysterious music.
  5. Get to the second floor once you’re there you can hear the music coming from the hallway to the bedroom on the right side and a cutscene will play.
  6. After the cutscene hide in the closet in the right side of the bed and Mister Felton pops up and tries to find you, grab the key and inspect the bathtub in the bathroom.
  7. Go and save in the mirror before you go the the next objective.
  8. There is another objective to “try and escape the mansion”, go to the first floor where you’ll find the door blocked by a gate after that go the the hallway in the first floor you’ll find a door where you’ll use the key.
  9. Go the kitchen and find the plunger, the film reel is in the oven but there’s no oven handle!, the oven handle is in the kitchen and on a shelf you need to use the chair besides it and the shelf will broke.
  10. Get the film in the oven using your oven handle and watch out there will be a quick time event.
  11. Then proceed to the dining room and examine the document in the table if you put the document down the chandelier will fall and get the cable and run away from Mr. Felton.
  12. Go back the the bathroom in the bedroom in the second floor and use the plunger to unclog the bathtub and discover a “key” go the basement and find the grate, use the cable on the grate you’ll notice you can’t use the service lift in there so you’ll have to go the second floor hallway and right by the bedroom door there’s the service lift, use it and the power will go out.
  13. Use the flashlight (SPACE) if you ONLY need it as it would grab your enemy’s attention easily, go the the first floor and near the entrance on the right side (in the door’s perspective) there’s the main breaker.
  14. Go down to the basement and get the “clock key”.
  15. Go the first floor and get back to the hall way where you see the grandfather clock and use the key to get the battery after a quick time event.
  16. Go the library and find the projector then put the battery and the film in the projector.
  17. After the cutscene escape the Red Nun and reach the fireplace and another cut scene will play, then you’ll notice a way to access the attic it’s in the front of the elevator where you are.
  18. Go back and explore the bedroom and a cutscene will play after that item in the right side of the door to the bathroom will drop from the cabinet, go ahead and pick up the umbrella.
  19. Find the way to the attic (in front of the elevator) and use the umbrella to pull it.
  20. Go and explore the mannequin infested attic and find the picture, and a cutscene will play, escape Celeste and a cutscene will play, after the cutscene go ahead and save before you go and grab the battery from the remote Celeste used, be ready to run!
  21. Go to the basement and use the battery on the ladder and you have obtained the oil can.
  22. Go to the second floor where Celeste said there’s a secret door, go to the fireplace and tear down that brick wall.
  23. After you go inside the fireplace use your flashlight (enemies can’t get here) and save then inspect the cart you’ll notice it won’t move because the wheels are rusted, use the oil can, afterwards you’ll see a wall that leads to another secret room, use the statue beside you to tear it down.
  24. (If you want the mirror breaker achievements break all the glass inside the room using the bricks besides the crack before you proceed) Inspect every drawer inside and leave it open then open to door that leads to the room’s bathroom then you’ll hear a mysterious sound, inspect the drawes again and you’ll find a voice recorder.
  25. Then look in the closet and a cutscene will play.
  26. There’s a collectible behind the pipes behind you, go and escape the sewerage becareful as the Red Nun will try and kill you from the top, be ready for a quick time event.
  27. Afterward a cutscene will play and be ready to fight your “new” enemy.
  28. Go and find the 3 valves to turn off the steam that’s blocking the exit, be ready to run!
  29. You’re now in the basement (you cannot return where you came from) get out of there and you’ll notice your enemy used the freight elevator, use it then a cutscene will play.
  30. Afterwards return to the elevator and remember to save your game!
  31. Then when you reach the attic you’re gonna need a lot of distraction items such as the music box.
  32. Then your new enemy will chase you, use the distraction items to your advantage do not waste it.
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