Ori and the Will of the Wisps – Spirit Light Farming Guide

Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Spirit Light Farming Guide
Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Spirit Light Farming Guide

You may be like me, wanting to swim in gold but unable to do so with a lack of spirit light. Well don’t worry I have the solution for you!

How to Farm Spirit Light

Collecting Shards

In order to farm you will need 3 shards and 2 are recommended for optimal farming:



  • Enemies have 70% more life and deal 70% more damage, but drop double Spirit Light.
  • Found: Wellspring Glades.


  • Enemies respawn faster.
  • Found: Windswept Wastes.

Light Harvest

  • Enemies drop extra Spirit Light Orbs (2-4 extra).
  • Found: Twillen (shard NPC) for 250 spirit light.



  • Increase damage dealt and taken (15%-35% extra dealt and taken).
  • Found: Inkwater Marsh.


  • Orbs float to Ori.
  • Found: Inkwater Marsh.

Starting to Farm

To farm we will be abusing a glitch that I don’t know if anyone else knows about, after repeatedly killing the same enemy with this shard set up the spirit light drops will consistently increase. To start farming you are going to need the aforementioned shards, the ability to travel to this area from the wellspring glades:

And the hammer spirit weapon. without it this is going to take all day. Equip all of the shards and any extra damage shards you wish; stand in this position:

Jump over the gap, stomp on him with your downwards hammer attack and then dash back to the platform repeat this until he dies. he will then respawn in the next couple of seconds, repeat this process multiple times. after killing him multiple times, the spirit light drops should becoming greater. Keep doing this until you have enough spirit light for whatever you want to buy. If you have the launch ability this process is much quicker. Stomp with your hammer then launch upwards and repeat, the hammer stomp onto the enemy refreshes your launch without touching requiring you to touch the ground.

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