TouHou Makuka Sai: Fantastic Danmaku Festival – 100% Achievement Guide

TouHou Makuka Sai: Fantastic Danmaku Festival - 100% Achievement Guide
TouHou Makuka Sai: Fantastic Danmaku Festival - 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to help you unlock 100% of the achievements in Touhou Fantastic Danmaku Festival.


This guide will cover how to unlock all the achievements in the game. Note that some of the achievement descriptions are inaccurate or misleading, both to your favor as well as the opposite, which is the original reason why we felt that there needed to be a guide like this.


Thanks for your suport

Launch the game for the first time.

Nice to meet you

Start you first run.

First round

Finish a run without continuing.

All characters cleared

Finish a run with each character without continuing.

All difficult level cleared

Finish a run with one character on all difficulties.

Note: You don’t actually need to 1cc to unlock this achievement, despite what the description says.

Conquer the Gensokyo

Finish a run with each character on all difficulties (16 runs in total). No need to 1cc. If the achievement doesn’t unlock after you finish your last run, enter Play Data and it should unlock.

Witness the dying of the galaxy

Survive until the last 10 seconds of Nyx’s spellcard in stage 6. You can die and use bombs as long as they don’t end the spellcard. Can be done in Stage Practice.

Missed All

Timeout Cirno’s first spellcard in stage 2. No shooting allowed. Can be done in Stage Practice.

Potential outbreak

Capture Remilia’s last spellcard without dying or using bombs. Can be done in Stage Practice.

Devil’s craziness

Survive until the last 5 seconds of Flandre’s last non-spellcard in Extra stage. You can die and use bombs as long as they don’t end the non-spellcard.

Breakthrough 200 million scores

Note: This achievement actually requires you to score over 2 billion (2 000 000 000), not 200 million (200 000 000) as the description claims. You also have to be playing on Hard or Lunatic.

There are a few different ways to get this achievement. One method is playing with Sanae on Lunatic, increasing your point value counter by bullet cancelling as much as you can in stages 1 and 2 while also using continues to help you regain your bombs (these will reset your score, but not your point value counter). Use your unfocused bomb (the one that shoots pillars) whenever there are many bullets on the screen, and especially during boss spellcards. From stage 3 onward, you can start scoring normally until you reach the required score (this should happen somewhere in stage 5 if everything was done properly).

Nothing left to do

Timeout Sakuya’s last spellcard in stage 5. No shooting allowed. Can be done in Stage Practice.

Totally Unharmed

Finish a run without dying once. Recommended to do with Patchouli on Easy. Don’t forget to use your bombs, especially near the end.

The best chance

Capture any spellcard at the very last second at least on Normal. Can be done in Stage Practice.

Storm survivor

Capture Remilia’s Scarlet Night “Killing Vortex” in Spellcard Challenges. No shooting allowed.


Capture 3 spellcards in a run without using focus/slowdown at least on Normal. Can be done in Stage Practice.

Conditioned reflex

Finish THE FIRST RUN SINCE LAUNCHING THE GAME (yes, only the first run counts for some reason) without dying or bombing normally, and with at least one death-bomb. Recommended to do on Easy.

Note: However, people have reported unlocking this achievement even with deaths and normal bombs, so there is an unconfirmed way to unlock it without having to finish a run without dying and bombing normally. One way might be by continuing, for example, during Remilia’s last spellcard. It still likely needs to be the first run since launching the game. If you manage to unlock it this way, lucky you, both of us had to do it with the confirmed method above.

No fear for the storm

Don’t move for 5 seconds when there are over 500 bullets on the screen. This can be done in Extra stage when the knife-shooting knight right before Sakuya appears.

Razed Gensokyo to the ground

Beat any boss by using only bombs. No shooting allowed. You can also timeout some of the attacks. Can be done in Stage Practice.

Full of confidence

Clear a stage on Lunatic without using bombs, starting from stage 2. Just do this one on stage 2.

Fully loaded

Capture all spellcards either on Hard or Lunatic (no dying or bombing on them). This does not have to be in one run and can be done in Stage Practice over several attempts. Just make sure that every spellcard in a stage is captured at least once.

Challenge spell cards fully captured

Capture all spellcards in Spellcard Challenges. You are required to beat the Extra Stage to unlock the last spellcards.

Admirable perseverance

Start a run with one character for 100 times. This can be done faster by restarting runs.

Never give up

Finish a run when you have used up all your continues. The number of continues varies in each difficulty level:

  • Easy – 2 continues.
  • Normal – 4 continues.
  • Hard – 6 continues.
  • Lunatic – 8 continues.

Nowhere else to go

Stay above the boss for 10 seconds. This can be easily achieved during Remilia’s survival spellcard.

Nothing left

Cross the line near the top of the screen to auto-collect score pickups 50 times in a run.

Feel so good to graze

Hit over 20 000 graze by being close to bullets. Note that the graze counter doesn’t reset when you continue, so you can use all your continues on Lunatic to get as much graze as you want.

Crazy in danmaku

Play with one character for 30 hours. This only counts the actual playtime for one character, so your Steam hours or total playtime across all characters doesn’t unlock it. You can just start a run, pause the game and leave it running in the background.

Music is life

Stay in Music Room for 30 minutes. You can leave a song on while doing other things on your computer.

Keep trying and you’ll get there

Capture a spellcard in Spellcard Challenges after failing it over 100 times (the stats should show 0/100+).

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