Warcraft 3: Reforged – Guide to Standard Build Order with a Tower (Humans Build Orders)

Warcraft 3: Reforged - Guide to Standard Build Order with a Tower (Humans Build Orders)
Warcraft 3: Reforged - Guide to Standard Build Order with a Tower (Humans Build Orders)

This guide describes Standard Build Order with a Tower.

How to Develop Standard Build Order with a Tower (Step-by-Step)


This is a standard build order which will help you develop your Build Order at a decent pace while having a solid overall attack and defense. It is fast expansion Build Order.


To start this build order, train 5 peasants on gold and 8 on wood. After the training is done, you can start building this Human order. Send 4 peasants to the gold mine and order fifth peasant to build the altar with the kings.

Order the next peasant to build barracks towards the backside of the Townhall.

Then order a peasant to build a farm and send the next peasant to the gold mine. When the next peasant to comes out of the town hall, order him to build another farm.

The peasant who was building the altar will go to scout enemy location. All other peasants who then finish their building jobs will then go to wood. Send 2 peasants to barracks to train them as Footmen while the rest of them work on wood.

Your aim will be to get:

  • 2 footmen.
  • 8 peasants.
  • 1 archmage.

When wood is available, build another scout tower. You will now have:

  • 2 footmen.
  • 6 peasants as militia.
  • 1 archmage. 

Order archmage to creep behind the militia and footmen.

Second Phase

Return to your Build Order. Now upgrade the first scout tower to Arcane tower.

Train the Footmen to level them up. Order the peasants to build farm and work on wood when complete. Reach level 3 with Archmage and buy ‘Boots of Speed’ with him (cost 1900).

Keep training Footmen at Barracks. Keep 5 peasants working on gold, 8 on wood and Archmage on Creep.

When you have enough resources, upgrade tech to tier 2. Build Arcane Vault when you can. Also keep building farms when you can. By doing all this, you will eventually reach Tier 2!

When you reach tier 2, you will be much more powerful. Build 2 Arcane Sanctums and train 2 priest and 2 Sorceress from them.

Also choose a 2nd hero of your choice. After all this, you can continue on expanding and attacking as you wish.

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