VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action – Day 6 Balcony Conversation Dialogue Guide

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action - Day 6 Balcony Conversation Dialogue Guide
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action - Day 6 Balcony Conversation Dialogue Guide

A guide to the different topics discussed on Day 6 and how to trigger each one.

Day 6 Dialogue

Note: Credit goes to PotatoesOfDoom


This guide will discuss the Day 6 dialogue between Jill and Dana during the drinking mini-game, and the thresholds for unlocking different topics.


  • This will probably have minor spoilers. I highly recommend you complete your first playthrough before you consult this. Read ahead at your own risk.
  • The mini-game is divided into eight parts, with certain parts determined by how much you have drunk when clicking past the final line. The conversation is modular in nature, although you cannot un-drink beer so certain topics might become unavailable depending on earlier choices.
  • (Critical) How much you have drunk is solely measured by the “Beers so far:” counter. Nothing else matters for this purpose. The numbers given in the guide will be based off this value.
  • The “Beers so far:” counter is only increased by opening a new can.
  • Jill becomes red-faced when opening the seventh can.
  • The first and last lines of each Part will be listed in the guide. Use these as references for when you should drink if you want to guide the conversation towards a particular topic.
  • Parts 2, 4, 6, and 8 vary by alcohol while Parts 1, 3, 5, and 7 are the same no matter what.
  • There may be a minor difference in Part 1 if you get absinthe instead of rum. This is not tested and is purely an educated guess. I would appreciate if someone could test this.

Part 1

0 or more beers.

  • Topic: alcohol, Jill and Dana’s relationship.
  • First Line: “Dana: Damn, you have lots of Beer”.
  • Last Line: “Jill: That’s what friends are for”.

Part 2

0 to 1 beers.

  • Topic: Gil’s Past.
  • First Line: “Jill: Hey Boss, be honest with me here”.
  • Last Line: “Jill: A bit, yeah”.

2 or more beers.

  • Topic: Fore.
  • First Line: “Dana: Hey, Jill. Where did you get that black Fore ball?”
  • Last Line: “Jill: …maybe”.

Part 3

0 or more beers.

  • Topic: Gil and Dana.
  • First Line: “Jill: *sigh* I wonder if Gil’s alright”.
  • Last Line: “Dana: I was gonna say Armitage”.

Part 4

0 to 3 beers.

  • Topic: Alma is nice.
  • First Line: “Jill: She’s a nice girl, you know?”
  • Last Line: “Dana: Ah, I see”.

3 or more beers.

  • Topic: Alma is hot.
  • First Line: “Jill: Well, she’s hot, I’ll give her that much”.
  • Last Line: “Dana: Any regular is a blessing when you get down to it”.

Part 5

0 or more beers.

  • Topic: Dorothy, Lilim, Jill’s name, Jill and Dana’s youth (this is a long section).
  • First Line: “Dana: There’s also that sex worker robot girl”.
  • Last Line: “Jill: Fair enough”.

Part 6

0 to 5 beers.

  • Topic: Jill’s grandfather.
  • First Line: “Dana: So Jill, what kind of guy was your grandpa?”
  • Last Line: “Jill: I’ve heard that one since I was a kid, actually”.

6 or more beers.

  • Topic: Dana and Jill’s preferences.
  • First Line: “Jill: Say Boss… how do you like them men?”
  • Last Line: “Jill: Yeah…”

Part 7

0 or more beers.

  • Topic: Dana and Jill’s friends.
  • First Line: “Jill: You know, Boss, I’m a bit curious about your circle of friends. What kind of people do you have in it?”
  • Last Line: “Dana: Hey, a cat’s fine too, you know?”

Part 8

0 to 8 beers.

  • Topic: bar closure.
  • First Line: “Jill: Hey Boss… what will you do when the bar closes?”
  • Last Line: “Jill: Yeah, maybe”.

9 to 11 beers.

  • Topic: Dana’s arm.
  • First Line: “Jill: Okay, Boss, I have to know”.
  • Last Line: “Dana: You’ll hear nothing else from me, young lady”.

12 or more beers.

  • Topic: “V-card” (Jill is drunk)(unlocks some new dialogue with Dana for Day 7).
  • First Line: “Jill: Boss. Hey, Boss”.
  • Last Line: “Dana: Well, let’s see how to move her back inside before she catches a cold”.
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  1. Heyy thank you do much for this post! I know its 4 years old but I tried following it and wanna add:
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