The Tenants – Official FAQ with Useful Tips

A Frequently Asked Questions guide for The Tenants. Also includes hints/and tips for how to keep your tenants happy and make your fortune.

Most of the information in this guide is from me just experimenting with the game. Some may not be 100% accurate, but I will try my best to keep it updated as I learn more, or patches change things. The patch current when I made these was 0.51. Later patches may change some of the behaviours and gameplay described in these notes, so please check.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more rent?

Matching the right property to the right personality type helps a lot. Only rent to people who think the property is exceptional as they will be willing to pay more. Room scores also are a big factor, higher room scores directly affect how much the tenants are willing to pay – see the room score section of this guide for more information. Keep your tenants happy in a property they like and you might be able to raise the rent when you renegotiate at the end of the lease.

How do I see my room scores or prestige?

While in renovation mode, hold down the “Alt” key and click the floor in a room. You will get a pop-up window showing prestige – this is your room score. It will also show a list of items that can help improve your score. The list is unique for each room type. Personally I aim for a minimum score of 120 per room, but higher is always better. Don’t worry too much if you can not get a high score early in the game. You will unlock lots more items later and can always come back and renovate the place later as you obtain more items.

The size of the room has a big effect on room scores. In larger rooms each item is worth less score. This is because you have space to add more items. I tend to keep rooms between 2-6 tiles as it can get hard to keep the score up when going larger. Tenants seem to pay more for lots of smaller high scoring rooms so experiment with some small extra rooms in your properties.

How do I rent to multiple people?

First you need to unlock the ability to rent out rooms by doing open house jobs. It takes about 5 jobs to unlock the ability to rent multiple rooms. Then you set up your apartment with two or more bedrooms. When you hold an open house, select the “Rooms to rent” option on the left. Then negotiate with your chosen tenants until all the rooms are filled.

Is renting a property to several people better than just one?

There is a cap on the total rent you can get from renting split rooms so shoving as many bedrooms into a property as possible does not help much. The total income from all renters combined is capped at 130% of what the property would earn from a single renter. It is worth having a couple of people share but cramming bedrooms everywhere is just making more work for yourself with tenant requests for no extra benefit.

How do I get the most money when negotiating?

When holding an open house to find a new tenant, make sure to use the “ask to leave” option often. Some tenants will be the wrong personality type for your property, or will just not like it. Keep telling them to leave until you find someone who loves the place – they will have the “exceptional” rating.

When negotiating, don’t start out too high. This will cause your tenant to low-ball you in return. Start out about 75-80% and drop down in small steps as the tenant moves towards you. If you don’t drop your offer then the tenant might decide to drop theirs instead. Don’t be afraid to exit the negotiation if it’s not going in your favour. You can always find someone else. Even paying for another open house is less expensive than accepting bad rent for a few months.

To get the most out of renegotiation’s, use the above tips. If you tenant is happy and loves the place they will be willing to pay more. If you have made them angry then they may offer a lot less than the first time round – sometimes it’s better to get rid and try again with someone new.

What are personality types?

Currently there are 4 personality types in the game, Gamer, Alcoholic, Influencer, and Athlete. Having items in your property that match the tenants personality will make them happier. They will also be willing to pay more rent. Some of the items they like are:

  • Gamer: Consoles, Games, Laptops/Computers, TV’s
  • Alcoholic: Fridge, TV
  • Influencer: I’m unsure on this but I think they like generally expensive things.
  • Athlete: Exercise equipment, Motivational posters, Blender

This is not a complete list. More experimentation is needed.

How do I keep my tenants happy?

Making sure you match them to the right property in the first place helps a lot with keeping them happy. Otherwise, make sure to respond to any requests for help. You can also cancel their debts when they don’t pay which gives a big boost to happiness.

My tenant didn’t pay – should I evict them?

You can chase up late payments, but the majority of the time tenants will eventually catch up and pay off their debts. I usually do not start chasing debt until tenants are at least 3 weeks late. If a tenant says they have no money they will likely still pay later on.

How do I unlock more items?

As you do jobs, sign and re-sign tenants, buy properties, or complete quests, you will gain xp. This will help your progress towards item boxes. You can see how close you are to unlocking a new item box in the “progression tab” of the player app in your in game phone. The “Random loot box” will unlock a handful of random items from across your available categories of items. The “item set” box will unlock an entire collection of items in one go. Collections are a themed set of items, such as “plants”, or “odds and ends”. Some items are unlocked by progressing through the main quest line.

Currently the maximum level a player can reach is level 50. You will unlock the final item set when reaching it.

How do I sell my property?

This is currently not a feature of the game, but it is expected to be added in a later patch.

The Building Manager

Sometimes the building manager will text you with a noise complaint. You can choose to either side with him or your tenant. Siding with the tenant will make them happy, but the building manager will increase the Home Owners Association (HOA) charge for that property a bit.

The building manager will also text you if you fail to pay your bills for 3 months or more. This will also cause him to charge you more on your bills.

If you fail to pay your bills long enough, then they may repossess your house.

What happens if I don’t pay my loan back?

If you don’t pay for three months in a row, the bank may repossess property in order to cover the debt. Make sure you leave enough funds in the bank to cover any payments. Try not to overstretch yourself with loans. Check that you have enough extra cashflow to easily cover the payments each month.

Will my agent find new tenants for me?

No, you will need to find new tenants by yourself. The agent can try to extend a lease with your permission, but if they fail you will need to travel back to the district and hold and open house yourself. The agents skills will affect how good they are at extending leases.

My tenants are still texting me instead of my agent

The agents only manage properties when you are out of the district. Once you return you will have to manage things yourself again. The agent does not charge for days they are not working.

How do I finish the quest “The Best Landlord”

Your tenant needs to be on a 120 day lease, and they need to be at 80 or higher happiness at the exact moment that the tenancy period ends. It’s ok if you renew the tenancy before it ends. When you renew a tenancy it just adds 120 days to the existing tenancy duration. When the original 120 days runs out and their happiness is high enough the quest will complete. Their happiness during the actual tenancy period doesn’t matter, just the moment it runs out.

I finished it by getting all my tenants onto 120 day leases and then just giving them everything they wanted. Then in the last 2-3 weeks of their tenancies, I used the “manage” button on the finances screen to cancel the debts of any one who missed a payment as that gives a huge boost.

What types of rooms are currently in the game?

  • Ordinary Room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Office
  • Library
  • Artists Studio
  • Manufacturing Room
  • Brewery
  • Security Room
  • Garden
  • Playroom
  • Captains Cabin
  • Grunts Living Space
  • Music Room
  • Terrace
  • Trailer
  • Waiting Room
  • Workshop
  • Secret Base
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  1. both questions asked once more. plus this one. how often does a house come up to purchase.. i bought all that was available. at the time. and it has been a while and i still see nothing for sale. but a few not now sales…

  2. I was wondering if there was a quicker way to search for properties to buy instead of browsing the map.

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