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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: After the update, I lost my local save and cloud save on google accounts together!

Your local save will not be lost as long as you did not delete the game, this update will allow local archive to be bound with your current account once, you may have already bound it in the beta before. Your local save will be displayed only after you logged in to the correct account.

If you can’t see your cloud save and local save, please switch accounts. Please make sure that if you created a ChillyRoom account using the same Google mailbox, the ChillyRoom account and Google account are different accounts.

Q: I can’t log in to my Google account! 

Please turn on automatic login in google play settings.

Q: I lost my purchase after the update 

Please confirm which account you have previously bound your purchases to. You may bound your purchase during beta.

Q: I don’t remember which account I logged into. 

We are unable to reverse track a player’s Google account. If it’s a ChillyRoom account, please search your inbox for any ChillyRoom account signup alerts.

Q: Why do I have to login online every time now?

The login process is for the purpose of creating the subsequent game content and providing better online service for players. It is also to provide a fairer gaming environment for players. After the login check, play can go offline.

Cloud Save

Q: How can I cloud save? (Android)

Please refer to Soul Knight Cloud Save Manual for Android Users. The only supported way to back up your game data is via the in-game cloud save feature, where you need to upload your local save data to the cloud MANUALLY.

Simply logging into Google Play Games will NOT auto-save your progress. Tapping on the Facebook button on the main screen will NOT “link your game account with Facebook” either.

Q: Which login should I use? Google or ChillyRoom account?

  • If you’ve joined the Play Store’s Beta Plan, and have played and cloud saved on the beta version ever since, we recommend choosing the same login method as the beta version.
  • If you have never participated in the Beta Plan, and have used cloud save, we recommend you always Sign in with Google. After you Sign in with Google, your cloud data stored on Google will automatically migrate to ChillyRoom’s server.
  • If your phone doesn’t have Google services, you can log in with a ChillyRoom Account. If you have registered a ChillyRoom Account in other ChillyRoom games, you do not need to sign up for a new one again.

Q: When I try to sign up for a ChillyRoom account, I get a message that says “The account already exists”. But I don’t remember signing up for one in Soul Knight.

You have already registered one account, possibly in other ChillyRoom games. If you don’t remember the password, you can always reset it by tapping the “Forgot password” button on the login window.

Q: Can I transfer my save data between IOS and Andriod?

No. The Android version and the iOS version have completely different account systems and data structures. Game data can’t be migrated between Android and iOS.

Q: Can I share save data between different accounts?

No. Even if you sign up with the same email address, your Google account and your ChillyRoom account are two different; seperate accounts.

Q: I have deleted the game/factory reset my phone/changed my device. How can I restore my game data after that?

If you have never cloud saved before, there is no way for us to recover your lost data for you. App reinstall, factory reset, and device change are all system-level operations that can wipe all the app data clean.

Soul Knight does not auto-back up your data. You need to manually save it to the cloud from time to time to prevent unexpected data loss.

1) I have cloud saved before.

  • Log into the same account that you used to cloud save. When the cloud save bar shows your save data, tap on Download Progress.

2) I have never had cloud saved before.

  • Your game data cannot be restored. It has been erased from your device. And since you have never cloud saved, there is no backup of it in our server either. But non-consumable in-app purchases (heroes, skills, etc. that are unlocked with real money) can be restored.

Q: I am pretty sure I have uploaded my save to the cloud. But nothing appears on the cloud save bar.

If that is the case, please contact our customer service and send us the information below:

  • Where do you download the app.
  • And all the possible accounts you have once used.
  • And a screenshot of your Account Info (tap on the smiley face icon).

Q: What should I do if I get the message that says “Please retry after X days.” when I try to cloud save?

You have to wait for X days. There is no other way to skip the waiting. For more information, please refer to Cloud Save Limitation.

Q: Why is my account banned?

Your account has shown firm evidence of hacking or cheating. It will be permanently banned. An account banned for cheating will not be unbanned under any circumstances. Please do not share your account information with anyone. You will be solely responsible for all consequences, including the account ban.

In-App Purchases

Q: I can’t find or use my non-consumable in-app purchases.

As long as your purchased item is something other than consumables like gems and Fish Chips, then yes, it can be restored.

To restore purchases on Android and IOS:

  • If you want to restore all paid products, on the main screen, tap on the gear button, and then tap on the shopping cart button. Find the order you are looking for.

Notice: If you log into a ChillyRoom account that can’t be bound with any Google account, you won’t be able to have your non-consumables restored because we can’t verify which Google account made the purchase earlier.

Q: I have made an in-app purchase. I’ve tried to restore the purchase but it is still locked in my game. When I tap on it, an error message pops up and says that I have already owned the item.

If you made the purchase less than 24 hours ago, please wait 24 hours and see if you can receive it by tomorrow. If you have waited for more than 24 hours but less that 48 hours,but you have not receive the item, please contact our customer support at [email protected]

Please send us the Google Play purchase receipt and we will move forward on our side. Please note that we need the receipt that has the order number starting with “GPA”. The receipt should look like this:

Here is the guide from Google on how to find your receipt:

Q: What should I provide if I am an iOS user?

Please provide us with an Apple receipt with order ID.

Q: I made a purchase by accident. Can I get a refund?

Once an item is sold and received, we don’t refund it in most cases. Thank you for your understanding.


Q: I can’t download the game from Play Store.

Here is the guide from Google on how to troubleshoot the issue:

You can try switching to another internet connection, restarting Play Store and phone, clearing cache, and clearing the data of Play Store (NOT THE GAME APP ITSELF just the Play Store).

Q: What are the minimum specs of the device for the game to run smoothly?

It requires at least 2G RAM to run.

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