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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stream/create video content with Oirbo?

Feel free to stream or create video content with the game, you can ping us @oirbogame for a retweet if you want, and if you want to use any hashtag we are using #oirbo on our social channels.

Does the game run on Steam Deck?

Yes, we did test the game on the Steam deck, and it runs as expected (some minor hiccups here and there), as we approach the full release we will replace the proton version of the game with a native Linux one.

Will there be a Mac and Linux versions?

Throughout Early Access the game will be Windows only, we plan to release the game for Mac and Linux users, either with the release of the game or soon after.

Where can I find the Logs/Save files?

The logs and save files are under C:/Users//AppData/LocalLow/ImaginationOverflow/Oirbo/

Will the game have trading cards?

Yes, we are just waiting for Steam to enable that feature for the game.

Why can’t I unlock all achievements?

You will only be able to unlock all achievements when the game is fully released, until then the achievement for the Control Area won’t be triggerable.

Will there be console versions?

Yes, for now, we can confirm that we plan to release Oirbo on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One/Series S/X.

When will the console ports be launched?

Although all performance tests are done natively on a Nintendo Switch, our goal is to release the final version of the game alongside the console ports, but our focus during early access is to wrap the PC version first and only then focus on consoles.

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