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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JDM: Japanese Drift Master?

Welcome to the world’s drift mecca – Japan. The game goal is to introduce the atmosphere of Japanese automotive culture and explore the roads where the drift was born.

What genre is this game?

Simcade with friendly controls that will satisfy fans of more realistic games – although it is accessible enough to enjoy the game also to less experienced players.

When will the game come out?

There is no specific date but our goal is to release the game within the year in early access.

What is the game engine?

Unreal Engine 4.

Is there any demo?

We are currently working on demo version, so stay tuned for more information.

What about console releases?

At the moment we are focusing on the PC version but we do not exclude console versions.

Is there any in game story?

In the game players will find a unique plot that combines elements of racing games from the west with visual novel storytelling from the east. Play through a story about a foreigner who wants to make a name for himself on the Japanese drifting scene.

Is the game Open World?

Yes, miles of diverse roads inspired by real and well-known locations from Japan await you.

What’s up with those car sounds?

While playing JDM, you’ll hear original car sounds, both recorded and implemented by our team, using unique technology, created specifically for this project.

Will there be multiplayer?

Yes, after release we will work on the multiplayer mode.

How much will the game cost?

There is no price yet.

What control devices will I be able to use?

You can use a gamepad, steering wheel, or keyboard.

Will there be a photomode?

Yes, we plan to add the photomode to the game.

Who is the producer of the game?

The game is developed by Gaming Factory.

Are you planning to make playtests?

We can’t reveal anything at the moment.

Are you planning to support mods?

Yes, in further development there is a plan to support mods.

Where does the game take place?

In JDM, you’ll explore the tourist areas around Haikama Lake which was created by our team.

Will there be traffic in the game?

Yes, other vehicles will also drive around the map.

Is there any weather system?

Yes, there will be sun, clouds, rain etc. but the main season is summer.

Are there day and night cycles?

Yes, the passage of time is dynamic, there is a full cycle of day and night.

Are only drift events available in the game?

No, there will also be race events and others.

Is there an available car list?

Not at the moment.

Will the police chase us?

There is no plan at the moment but maybe we will add something connected to the police chase in the future.

Will there be paint and tuning shops?

Yes, you will be able to adjust the cars, their exterior, wheels and interior. Also there will be an option to paint the car and parts like wheels in the color you like. In further development we want to add a special system for stickers etc.

Is there a damage model in the game?

We do not plan mechanical damage to cars, there will only be simple visual damage and scratches on the texture.

Does the tuning give only a visual aspect?

No, it changes the way you drive the car, physics etc.

What’s the game physics, it’s from another game?

No, the physics in the game is our proprietary system.

Can we change the view in the game?

Yes, in the game there will be cameras like: close pursuit, far pursuit, from the bumper, from the hood, from the roof, from the cockpit, eyes/inside view.

Can we look around in the game?

Yes, it will be possible to look around from inside and outside the car.

Will there be any music in the game?

Yes, at the moment we are cooperating with music producer Naski but there will be more artists.

Will this game be compatible with thrustmaster controllers?

Yes, we support steering wheels eg T300RS.

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