Genshin Impact – Official FAQ

General FAQ

What platforms/devices can I play on?

Genshin Impact is available on PC, iOS, Android, PS4 and PS5. A Nintendo Switch version is in development.

Is there cross device saving or co-op cross play?

Account data can be shared across all platforms, and all platforms support Co-Op play with each other. Accounts registered on mobile and console can only complete microtransactions on their respective platform.

Does it matter what server I play on?

You can only play co-op with players on the same server. Account progress is saved per server, so while you do not lose your progress if you switch servers, your progress does not carry over either.

When does the server reset?

The servers reset at 4AM for the following time zones. Convert to your time zone using the links:

  • NA Server: UTC-5
  • EU Server: UTC+1
  • Asia Server: UTC+8

Does Genshin Impact cost money? Is it F2P friendly?

Genshin Impact is free to play. All of the game’s current and future regions, events, story content, and features are accessible for free. As a single-player adventure game with an ever growing story, there is no way to ‘beat’ Genshin Impact. It will be up to you to decide for yourself if your own goals are reachable without spending money.

The story and events for Genshin Impact are forgiving, and most players should be able to enjoy the game if they are patient enough to put in the time. While the base version of the Battle Pass is free, real money can be spent to obtain in-game currencies and unlock additional Battle Pass rewards that offer exclusive weapons, name cards, and other additional resources.

Are there Tier Lists?

Compared to other games, tier lists are less meaningful for Genshin Impact without a competitive game mode such as PvP. In addition, as a gacha game, it is impractical to use tier lists to judge yourself against other players that may be spending $500 – $10,000+.

Because it is already viable to succeed in the game without spending any money, narrowly focused or poorly considered tier lists can be misleading.

What can I expect to see in the future of Genshin Impact?

We expect the developer to continue to patch the game with bug fixes and content on a regular basis for months and years. Look forward to new events, regions, story developments, characters and more.

How do I link my email account with my HoYoverse account?

PC, iOS and Android players can link in-game under Settings > Accounts > User Control.

Does Genshin Impact have any cosmetics and/or skins?

Yes, skins can be obtained from the Character Outfit Shop in-game. 4- star skins for 5-star characters are available for a discounted price of 1350 Genesis Crystals during the patch that they are released. After that patch, its price will be reverted to 1680 Genesis Crystals.

Skins for 4-star characters can be obtained for free during the major event of the patch they are released. After that patch, they will be added to the Character Outfit Shop and can be obtained for 1680 Genesis Crystals.

In 2.8, the first 5-star skin was released for Diluc. During Version 2.8, the skin can be obtained for a discounted price of 1,980 Genesis Crystals. After 2.8, the skin will cost 2,480 Genesis Crystals. The increased price and ranking is due to the additional idle animations, combat special effects, and combat and chat voicelines.


What is the multiplayer in Genshin Impact and how does it work?

Genshin offers cooperative play and Co-Op events that unlock at Adventure Rank 16, but there are no PvP game elements. You may join or invite players in the same server into one session using the host’s world.

The rewards from a Domain or boss are scaled to the level of the Domain or boss in the host’s World Level. It is not possible to join a session with a higher World Level than yours.

What contents are available or unavailable in Co-Op?

In general, content that only advances the host’s world progress can only be completed by the host (collecting Elemental Oculi, opening chests, etc.). Many quests, one-time domains, and the Stormterror Trounce Domain also cannot be done in Co-Op Mode.

Players cannot claim weekly boss rewards in Co-Op if they’ve already claimed them once that week. When players in Co-Op complete Domains or defeat Bosses that require Resin to be looted, each player will be able to spend their own Resin for their own rewards. Reputation Bounties and most Daily Commissions can also be completed in Co-Op.

Can I collect resources and Local Specialties in Co-Op?

Yes. Mined ores (except Cor Lapis) and enemy loot can be picked up by all nearby players, while items like plants will not be shared.

A general rule to know if it can be shared or not is: “If it spawns in, it can be shared. If it does not spawn in and is already in the overworld, it cannot be shared.” For example, when hunting boars two pieces of Fresh Meat spawn when the boar is killed.

This can be picked up and shared by all nearby players. On the other hand, Sweet Flowers are already present in the world. These cannot be shared and only one player will be able to pick them up.

Why is my Co-Op mode disabled?

There are a few quests in the game that will lock a player from entering Co-Op mode while the quest is in progress. Because quests cannot be stopped, they must complete the quest in order to regain access to Co-Op mode. Trying to enter Co-Op mode should notify the user what quest needs to be completed first.

Why can’t I join another player’s world in Co-Op?

There are multiple reasons as to why you are not able to join their world yet. Some common reasons for you not being able to join are:

  • The player is lower than Adventure Rank 16 and has not unlocked Co-Op yet
  • The player is inside a domain, in another world, or in their Serenitea Pot
  • The player has a quest that blocks Co-Op
  • The player is in a different server than you (i.e. you are in Asia but they are in NA)

Progression FAQ

What should a new player focus on when starting Genshin Impact?

There are no rules for how you must spend your time or resources. We recommend new players focus on learning the game’s features and mechanics while exploring and enjoying the game.

Players can increase the strength of their characters by raising their level, ascending them, upgrading their talents, upgrading their weapons, and more.

What are my daily tasks and things I should do everyday?

The two most popular tasks are the Daily Commissions, which are unlocked after Adventure Rank 12, and spending Resin. Afterwards, it’s up to you what you want to prioritize. Players can expect to earn at least 1800 Primogems a month if they play consistently.

Players can collect rewards from Weekly Bosses once a week via trounce domains, with the exclusion of the Wolf of the North Challenge which is in your world. These Trounce Domains and the Wolf of the North Challenge can be found in your Adventurer’s Handbook.

The Adventurer’s Handbook also lists the daily commissions, domains, and enemies available. Additionally, players should check for any ongoing event and attempt to participate whenever possible.

What is the Resin System and what should I know?

Travelers earn 1 Original Resin every 8 minutes and can hold a maximum of 160. This means that it takes roughly 21 hours and 20 minutes to fully recover 160 Original Resin and that you can recover 180 Original Resin over 24 hours. Original Resin is used to claim rewards from Domains, Trounce Domains, Bosses, Ley Lines.

What is Fragile Resin, Condensed Resin and Transient Resin?

Fragile Resin can be used to immediately restore 60 Original Resin, and can be obtained from events, Battle Pass rewards, and more. The cap of 160 Original Resin can be ignored if Fragile Resin is used, but Resin will not recover if you have 160 or more Original Resin, so it is strongly recommended never to use too many Fragile Resin at once.

After obtaining its blueprint from Reputation level 3 in Liyue, Condensed Resin can be crafted at the Alchemy Workbench using 40 Original Resin. It can only be used to claim two sets of rewards from a Ley Line Blossom or a Domain. You may only hold up to five Condensed Resin in your inventory at a time.

Transient Resin is a consumable that is purchased using Realm Currency from the Serenitea Pot System. Functionally identical to Fragile Resin, Transient Resin expires after one week from the following Monday after it was obtained.

How do I level up my characters?

Unlike other games, defeating enemies gives very little character experience. The primary method of leveling characters is by spending Character EXP Materials on the Level Up screen. The best method to earn these is from spending Resin to claim Ley Line Outcrops – Blossom of Revelation.

Many events and the Battle Pass also offer these, albeit in smaller quantities. You may also obtain Character EXP materials through the Realm Depot in your Serenitea Pot.

What’s the best method to earn Mora in the game?

While there are many methods of earning Mora, the best method is by spending Resin to claim Ley Line Outcrops – Blossom of Wealth. Those who are out of Resin can do Bounties and Requests from the reputation system, though you are limited to 3 Bounties and 3 Requests a week.

These are unlocked after getting to level 2 at any regional reputation location. You may also obtain Mora through the Realm Depot in your Serenitea Pot.

What is my World Level and Adventure Rank, and how do I increase them?

The level of enemies you encounter scales with your World Level. To earn higher rarity materials from enemies, raise your World Level by reaching Adventure Rank milestones and completing your Ascension Quest.

Major sources of Adventure Rank Experience include completing Daily Commissions and Quests, spending Original Resin, opening chests, completing tasks in the Adventurer Handbook, and leveling up each region’s Statue of the Seven.

Raising your Adventure Rank also offers rewards claimable at the Adventurer’s Guild and raises the cap for Character Ascensions and Combat Talents.

Why am I not leveling up my Adventure Rank when my experience is over the cap at AR25?

At AR 25, 35, 45 and 50, you will need to complete an Ascension quest to increase your World Level. Speak with a Katheryne at your local Adventurer’s Guild to navigate to it.

How do I get more artifacts?

Artifacts can be obtained from many sources throughout the game including chests, Elite Enemies, Weekly and Open World Bosses, and Artifact domains. You can view what artifacts are available in a Domain from the Adventurer’s Handbook-although it only displays the Flower of Life artifact for a set. The 5-petal symbol indicates that it can drop any artifact slot of the set.

5-star artifacts have a chance to drop from Domains at AR 40 and are guaranteed to drop starting from AR 45. It is not recommended to heavily farm artifacts before AR45.

If I use up a leveled artifact or weapon to level up another one, does its enhancement EXP carry into the new one?

Yes, 80% of the enhancement EXP is carried over into the new artifact. 80% of the enhancement EXP is also carried over to the new weapon. However, if you hit an Ascension Cap then any excess EXP will then be converted into Weapon Enhancement Materials.

What is the Gnostic Hymn / Chorus Battle Pass and what should I know?

The Battle Pass is unlocked at Adventure Rank 20 and completing missions allows Travelers to earn rewards over a six week cycle. You can earn up to a weekly limit of 10,000 Battle Pass EXP from daily and weekly missions. ‘This BP Period’ missions do not contribute to the weekly limit.

Purchasing the Gnostic Hymn with real money gives players the opportunity to earn additional rewards, including a choice of a BP exclusive weapon. Purchasing the Gnostic Chorus with real money offers the same rewards as well as 5 Fragile Resin, a name card, a housing furnishing, and adding 10 levels to their current Battle Pass level.

What is the City Reputation system?

After reaching Adventure Rank 25 and reaching a certain point in a nation’s Archon Quests, players unlock the ability to raise their City Reputation for rewards including new Recipes, Forging Blueprints, Crafting Blueprints and more.

One of the most useful Crafting Blueprints to unlock is the Condensed Resin from Liyue Reputation Level 3, which allows players to efficiently save and spend their resin.

What is the Serenitea Pot System or Player Housing?

After reaching Adventure Rank 35 and completing the Archon Quest, Chapter I Act III: A New Star Approaches, players can design their own housing realm with buildings and features as well as visit their friends in Co-Op.

What are some progression recommendations if I want to play “efficiently?”

Complete Daily Commissions, complete quests, offer up Oculi to the Statues of the Seven, unseal chests, complete Battle Pass missions, raise City Reputation, climb Spiral Abyss, collect ores/plants/Local Specialties, improve characters and gear, etc.

Research and plan ahead what types of materials you will need and when you will farm them, prioritizing your DPS character(s) over supports and healers. It is not recommended to spend Resin on Artifact Domains until Adventure Rank 45 when 5-star rewards become guaranteed.

For efficiency, leveling your DPS characters to 80/90 and your supports to 60/70 or 70/80 is recommended.

Adventure FAQ

How do you unlock a new area that is darkened on the map such as North West of Mondstadt?

Some areas are locked until you reach a point in the main Archon Quest story progress. Some areas that are unavailable in the game will be added in the future.

How often do ores, plants, Local Specialties and other items in the world respawn?

Animals and insects classified under “Wildlife” in the archive respawn 12 hours after collection. Local Specialties respawn 48 hours after collection. Common cooking ingredients and Iron Chunks respawn after passing midnight server time 1 time.

Flaming Flowers and Mist Flowers, White Iron Chunks, Electro Crystal Nodes and Starsilver respawn after passing midnight server time 2 times.

Crystal Chunks, with the exception of those in Mining Outcrops, Amethyst Lumps, and Fishing locations respawn after passing midnight server time 3 times. Mining Outcrops respawn 2 hours after daily reset.

What are each region’s Oculus and what do I need to know about them?

There are 66 Anemoculi, 131 Geoculi, 181 Electroculi, 271 Dendroculi, and 216 Hydroculi as of Version 4.2 to be collected in Teyvat. Offer them to Statues of the Seven in exchange for rewards, including a permanent maximum stamina increase.

There is currently one extra Oculi in each region that you can keep after maxing each Statue of the Seven. Electroculi, Dendroculi, and Hydroculi do not grant additional stamina unlike the Geo and Anemo counterparts.

What should I do if I can’t find an Oculus?

By reaching City Reputation Level 2 in Mondstadt and Liyue, and Level 8 in Inazuma Sumeru and Fontaine, you will unlock each region’s Resonance Stone blueprint, which will allow you to create a consumable item at the Alchemy Table to help locate them.

Additionally, the Official Interactive Map can be very helpful in locating a region’s Oculus.

What is the City Reputation system?

By completing world explorations, quests, Requests and Bounties, you can unlock unique rewards including: NPC Discounts, Food Recipes, Forging & Alchemy Blueprints, Name Cards, and Wind Gliders.

Requirements for the Reputation System differ in each region. The requirements for each region are:

  • Mondstadt: Archon Quest Prologue, Act I – The Outrider Who Caught the Wind, along with the World Quest “Knight of the Realm”. Must be AR 25.
  • Liyue: Archon Quest Chapter I, Act II – Farewell, the Archaic Lord, along with the World Quest “Ministry Missions”. Must be AR 25.
  • Inazuma: Archon Quest Chapter II, Act I – The Immovable God and Eternal Euthymia, along with the World Quest “The Commission’s Commission”. Must be AR 30.
  • Sumeru: Archon Quest Chapter III, Act II – The Morn of a Thousand Roses Bring: Denouement, along with the World Quest ‘Corps of Thirty Recruitment’. Must be AR 35.
  • Fontaine: Archon Quest Chapter IV, Act II – “As Light Rain Falls Without Reason” along with World Quest “Steambird Interview”. Must be AR 40.

What are Shrines of Depths and what do I need to know?

Each region of Teyvat houses ten Luxurious Chests within ancient structures that require keys to be opened. These keys are earned from various sources, such as quests, leveling the Statue of the Seven, the Adventurer Handbook, and various one-time domains.

The chests never respawn and their contents don’t scale with your World Level. Each Shrine of Depths chest offers 40 primogems and other resources to the player. There are exactly enough keys to open every Shrine of Depths in each region.

How long does it take for enemies to respawn?

  • Common Enemies respawn when the server’s day advances.
  • Elite Enemies roam multiple spots, and respawn in other locations as you defeat them.
  • Boss enemies respawn within a few minutes without the player blocking their spawn area.
  • Andrius Lupus Boreas will respawn after 25 minutes without the player blocking their spawn area.
  • Trounce Domains can be fought anytime but rewards can be claimed only once a week, resetting on Monday.

If you defeat a specific Elite or Boss enemy many times in a row, its respawn timer may be significantly extended.

How do I reach an Oculus or complete this puzzle?

The Traveler’s Geo elemental skill can provide platforms to climb. Skills that deploy objects such as Amber’s elemental skill can activate pressure pads. Try using different elemental skills or using different approaches.

What is the Spiral Abyss and what do I need to know?

A unique Abyssal Domain that can be repeatedly challenged to earn rewards. Unlock the Spiral Abyss by reaching Adventure Rank 20 and enter the wormhole above Cape Oath to teleport to the Domain located in Musk Reef.

The first 8 Floors offer one-time rewards, up to 300 primogems per floor. Floors 9 – 12 offer up to 150 primogems per floor, and can be repeatedly claimed once cleared after they reset on the 1st and 16th day of the month.

Do Souvenir Shops restock?

Souvenir Shops do not restock.

Can you quit, restart or replay a quest?

There is no way to leave a quest once started or replay completed quests, unless it is part of a Hangout Event. If you are midway through a quest that locks Co-Op mode, you will not be able to use Co-Op until finishing it. From the Archive Travel Logs you can read and hear completed quest Archon Quest dialogues.

How far is the main Archon Quest story currently?

As of Patch 4.2, the latest part of the Archon quest is Chapter IV: Act V “Masquerade of the Guilty”. This is part of Fontaine’s Archon Quest line.

Combat FAQ

How does damage work and what should I know?

The damage that characters deal is calculated from their base attack, attack from weapons, artifacts, artifact set bonuses, constellations, passive talents, buffs as well as the enemy’s stats, such as defense and resistance.

All talent damages scale with the character’s attack unless otherwise specified and can be viewed in Character > Talents Skill Attributes.

What is physical and elemental damage?

Physical and elemental damage can be differentiated based on the color of the damage numbers-white for physical and colored for the corresponding element.

What is Critical Damage and what should I know?

When a player attacks, they have a chance of hitting with higher damage than usual. The chance of dealing this bonus damage is determined by the character’s Critical Rate.

The amount of bonus damage dealt is determined by the character’s Critical Damage, which is a multiplier on the damage the attack, elemental skill, or elemental burst would normally do.

What are elemental reactions and Elemental Mastery?

When hit by an elemental attack, enemies will be afflicted with an elemental status. Hitting an elementally afflicted enemy with an attack of a different element causes an elemental reaction based on the combination.

The power of a reaction scales with the triggering character’s Elemental Mastery. Elemental reactions cannot deal critical damage, nor do they scale with a character’s offensive stats such as Attack.

What is Energy Recharge?

When enemies are hit by certain elemental skills, reach certain HP thresholds, or are defeated, they drop energy particles that restore energy to all characters in the party. The character that is on the field and collects them receives bonus energy.

All characters in the party with the same element as the particle will also receive more energy. A character’s Energy Recharge increases the amount of energy they gain from receiving elemental particles. Energy Recharge has no impact on how many energy particles a character’s skill generates.

How should I build my Party Setup?

Players should experiment and explore trying out different Party Setups. Because players can only attack with one character at a time, it is popular to focus on using 1 or 2 characters as the main DPS attackers and using the other slots for supports and healers.

Is X character better than Y character? Is X weapon better than Y weapon?

Characters are generally well balanced, and while 5-star characters/weapons may have higher power ceilings, many 4-star characters/weapons, especially with constellations/refinement, can outperform 5-stars in the right circumstances.

It may be misleading to evaluate a character in a vacuum when their true potential shines in a Party Setup. All characters with the right setup can clear most, if not all, endgame content.

Wishing FAQ

What is the Wish system?

Spend Acquaint or Intertwined fates – purchased with Primogems – to receive 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star characters and weapons. A banner is a pool of rewards that can be obtained with set probabilities.

The banners also have built in internal counters that track your pulls. There are separate counters that guarantee you a 4-star reward or a 5-star reward after a certain number of Wishes without receiving one.

Carefully read the in-game “Details” of a banner before spending on it.

What are the different banner types?

There are four different banner types: Character Event Wish, Weapon Event Wish, Chronicled Wish, and Standard Wish. Each banner type has a separate pool of items. If the item is not listed in the banner details, it cannot be obtained from that banner.

Limited Characters can be obtained when they are rated up on the Character Event Wish, while Limited Weapons can be obtained when they are rated up on the Weapon Event Wish. Chronicled Wish may feature Limited Characters and Weapons as well. Limited Characters and Weapons can not be obtained if they are not featured on an Event banner or a Chronicled Wish banner. The pity for each banner type is separate.

There may be two Character Event Wishes running simultaneously. These banners, known as Character Event Wish 1 and Character Event Wish 2, will have different 5-star featured characters, but the 4-star pool and featured characters will remain the same. The pity will be shared between these two banners, as they are the same banner type.

What am I guaranteed from Wishing? What is “pity”?

Each banner type has its own independent counter (pity) that guarantees a 4-star or 5-star reward based on the rewards you’ve received.

In all banners, you are guaranteed a 4-star reward every 10 wishes. In Character Event Wish, Chronicled Wish, and Standard Wish you are guaranteed a 5-star reward every 90 wishes. In Weapon Event Wish you are guaranteed a 5-star reward every 80 wishes. These guarantees are referred to as “hard pity.” If you pull a 5 star before the 90th wish (80th wish on Weapon Event Wish) or a 4-star before the 10th wish, then your pity is reset to zero.

Does the rate of a 5-star reward increase as you Wish? Is there a “soft pity?”

Yes. On Character Event Wish, Chronicled Wish, and Standard Wish, if you receive 73 3-star and 4-star rewards in a row without pulling a 5-star then the 74th pull and on will have significantly increased chances for a 5-star reward.

On Weapon Event Wish, after receiving 62 3-star and 4-star rewards in row without pulling a 5-star then the 63rd pull and on will have significantly increased chances for a 5-star reward.

What is “50/50”?

The Character Event Wish has a 50% chance for a 4-star or 5-star reward to be a promotional reward. If you receive one that is not promotional, your next one is guaranteed to be. Both your pity, as well as whether or not your last reward was promotional, will carry over to the next banner. In Standard Wish, there is no promotional reward.

Due to there being two promotional 5-star items on the Weapon Event Wish banners, you have a 75% chance for a promotional item and 25% chance for a non-promotional item. This makes the rates 37.5% for each promotional item, and 25% for a non-promotional item. If you receive one that is not promotional, your next one is guaranteed to be.

What is “Epitomized Path”?

The Epitomized Path allows you to chart a course for your desired promotional 5-star Weapon on the Weapon Event Wish banner. For every 5-star Weapon that you pull that is not the one you chose, you will gain 1 Fate Point. When you have 2 Fate Points total, your next 5-star reward is guaranteed to be the promotional Weapon you chose. Fate points do not carry over when the banner changes.

With Chronicled Wish, there is a pool of 5-star Characters and Weapons. You may set your Epitomized Path for either a Character or a Weapon. If you set your Epitomized Path for a 5-star Character, then you will only be able to pull 5-star Characters and vice versa for Weapons. Once selected, there is a 50% chance that the 5-star you obtain will be the item that you picked.

If you do not get the item that you picked, then you will receive one Fate Point and your next 5-star is guaranteed to be the item that you chose. Chronicled Wish Fate Points will reset when the banner changes and will not carry over to a new banner.

Does it matter if I do Wish x1 or Wish x10?

There is no difference in the results of these. Wish x10 is the same as Wish x1 ten times in a row. Because of this, players should use Wish x1 when trying to get a reward without spending more wishes than necessary.

What are the currencies used for Wishing?

Primogems are earned from many sources from playing the game. When Wishing, these are exchanged at a rate of 160 Primogems to 1 Fate, which is then exchanged for 1 Wish. There is no functional difference between 160 Primogems spent on Wishing or spending 1 Fate, however there are two types of Fates, “Intertwined Fate” and “Acquaint Fate”, which can only be used on Event Wish banners or Standard Wish banners respectively.

It is not recommended to spend your Primogems on Acquaint Fates, as you can obtain these for free through the Battle Pass and various other sources

Can I pay real money to obtain Primogems?

Yes. Real money can be spent to obtain Genesis Crystals, special paid currency that can be exchanged at a 1:1 ratio for Primogems. Genesis Crystals are sold in packs of various amounts, and the price paid for the Genesis Crystals depends on the pack you buy and the currency used to buy them.

Another way to obtain Primogems is to purchase the Blessing of the Welkin Moon monthly pass or the Battle Pass.

What is the Blessing of the Welkin Moon and what should I know about it?

Compared to all of the other options for real money spending, the Blessing of the Welkin Moon is by far the most affordable and best value purchase. For $5 USD, you earn 300 Genesis Crystals (can be traded in for 300 Primogems), as well as a log-in bonus to earn 90 Primogems a day for 30 days.

You must login each day to claim these Primogems. Purchasing another Blessing of the Welkin Moon will give you the 300 Genesis Crystals upfront while adding an additional 30 days to your current duration for up to a maximum of 180 days. It is possible to buy another welkin on the 179th day to extend and get a maximum of 209 days.

What are some recommendations if I want to Wish “efficiently?”

Unless you are planning to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to earn 5-star rewards, we recommend most players to save up their Primogems: 12,000 is a rough estimate for the average cost of a 5-star, 14,400 is the maximum cost for a 5-star, and 28,800 is the maximum for a guaranteed Promotional 5-star Character and 38.400 is the maximum for a guaranteed Promotional 5-star Weapon. The average 5-star is on wish 77, but always be prepared if it goes even further than that.

Because it could take months to earn this much currency as F2P, players can consider purchasing the Blessing of the Welkin Moon from the in-game store using real money if they are able to afford it.

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