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Fort Solis is a condensed narrative thriller set on Mars, with exploration, nerve-racking set pieces, and a deep plot to discover.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fort Solis is told across four chapters, each roughly an hour in length. Like a Netflix series, Fort Solis can be binged in one intense session or played chapter by chapter like an episodic TV show.

The vision of Fallen Leaf, an indie team of games industry veterans, was to create a hybrid piece of media, emphasizing narration and immersion.

When will Fort Solis be available?

Fort Solis launches on August 22, 2023. (PC, Mac and PS5)

Is this an AAA game?

Fort Solis is an indie game with AAA production values, made by a team of over 20 industry veterans. Utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 5.2, full motion capture performances, veteran actors (including Troy Baker and Red Dead Redemption 2 star Roger Clark), 4K presentation, and haptic feedback for the PS5’s Dualsense controller, Fort Solis will look and sound as good as any big budget behemoth.

What kind of genre will this game be?

Fort Solis is a sci-fi psychological thriller. Set on a mysteriously deserted mining facility on Mars, Fort Solis will contain some light puzzles to solve, but ultimately it’s a very narrative-focused experience that aims to tell a character-driven story through an interactive medium.

Is it a walking simulator?

This depends on your definition of “walking simulator”, but it’s closer to that than any other traditional genre. Fort Solis features puzzles and elements of exploration, but it doesn’t contain any traditional combat or stealth mechanics.

Why are there no traditional gameplay in Fort Solis?

Fort Solis was designed first and foremost to be a deep, immersive experience that tells a story. We felt that more traditional gameplay mechanics would get in the way of the narrative, themes, tone, and pacing that we worked so hard to preserve.

Who’s making Fort Solis?

Fort Solis is developed by Fallen Leaf, an independent games developer veterans based in Liverpool and Warsaw, in partnership with Dear Villagers and Black Drakkar Games.

What games does Fort Solis take inspiration from?

Fort Solis is something of a spiritual successor to titles like Firewatch and the works of Supermassive Games (Until Dawn, The Quarry, The Dark Pictures Anthology).

How long is Fort Solis?

This depends on how thoroughly you explore and take in the game’s sights, but we expect most players to finish the game in about 4-6 hours. Fort Solis is divided into four chapters, each being roughly an hour in length. Think of it like a Netflix series; it’s suitably bingeable, but also has a deliberate episodic structure. Our goal was to create a title that provides a moving, thoughtful experience that feels epic, while also respecting the player’s time.

What platforms will Fort Solis be on?

Fort Solis will be available on PC, Mac via Steam and PlayStation 5.

Which languages are supported?

Fort Solis was recorded in English. Subtitles support will be available for the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese simplified and traditional Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, and Japanese.

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