BattleBit Remastered – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the game be free when it goes to Early Access?

No. We are currently planning a $14.99 price tag on Early Access.

When will the game go into Early Access?

Sometime in 2022, we want to offer a good game that everyone can enjoy at the time of our Early Access release.

Why it is called ‘Remastered’?

This game is in development since 2016. In total, game has been been rewritten 3 times and it’s core worked 2 times. So the game you are playing right now is the 5th iteration.

If you are wondering how the game looked like, you can find various gameplay videos from 2016-2017-2018-2019-2020-2021 in youtube.

Why are the servers down?

Currently, we’re doing playtests in waves. In other words, we are having beta playtest sessions every now and then to have our players test the updates with us and give us their feedback and criticism about the things that we have added.

How frequent will the playtests be?

We are planning to have playtests whenever we have new updates that require testing as well as substantial feedback from our community.

Can I host my own servers? (i.e. Community Servers)

We are planning to have Community Servers features but we are not aiming to release that feature before Early Access, so sometime during Early Access, yes.

Will there be microtransactions?

No. However, we will require a monthly income to keep us running so will only introduce Developer supporter pack that is one time purchased for who wants to support us.

Will progress be wiped?

Playtests will carry over the stats in between them. However, before Early Access release, we will be wiping all progress (except clans and their member structure)

Will there be modding tools and Steam Workshop support?

No, not planned at this point.

Will there be clan wars?

Yes, we are planning live events and tournaments during Early Access period.

Will there be any additional factions?

Yes. We are planning of adding some in feature.

Will there be AI/Bots?


Will there be vehicles in shooting range?

Sometime in future, however, it will take additional development time and right now it is not in high priority list.

Some gadgets aren’t working in shooting range like C4, drone etc, why?

Some of the gadgets are server side, they aren’t supposed to be used in offline. In future, I will be writing a version that works in shooting range however it is not in high priority list.

Will Linux/MacOS be supported?

We are not officially supporting these operating systems for the time being, However, despite the fact that we haven’t tested it thoroughly, our players have reported that Proton for Linux (and other equivalent compatibility layers for MacOS) work just fine. If you encounter any errors with the compatibility layers, please let me know.

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