Yaz – Steam Deck Settings

Configuring Yaz on the Steam Deck


The current build has been working with stock Proton, no experimental or GE required. Earlier builds used GE 7.55, but it should no longer be necessary.

Graphics Settings

You can access Yaz’s graphics settings by selecting OPTIONS the main menu or the pause menu.

Use the right bumper to navigate to the Video settings tab.

Use the right trigger to shift from Display settings to Graphics.

On this menu, select the “High” preset. You can also benchmark if you like. Out of the box, high settings should give you a playable frame rate, but it is not ideal.

Set Global Illumination to Low. The MEDIUM Global Illumination setting will cause the game to CRASH! We are working on a fix for this but it seems to be an engine issue.

You can set the View distance to Medium or Near if you like since the game is top-down.

For the Global Illumination Method setting we recommend using Lumen rather than screen space.

This should give you a very playable frame rate. You can also turn on FSR2 if you like but personally I don’t find the trade-off worthwhile.

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