Steam Deck – Tips for Maximizing Battery Life

How to Maximize Battery Life

The best tips I can give you, for battery life from my experience:

  • Set the game’s graphics settings as low as possible, without it bothering you.
  • Lower the game’s framerate to as low as possible, without it bothering you (e.g. 50Hz/50FPS) and make sure the game’s framerate is equal to or half the Deck’s refreshrate, or you may get frame-pacing issues, especially with soulsgames.
  • Find a busy scene, enable a TDP limit and monitor your framerate. Turn down the TDP slider one step at a time, until the framerate dips, then increase the TDP limit, until you get no more FPS-dips.

At the end of the day, battery life will vary and mostly depend on your performance settings and what’s going on in-game (not all places/fights/scenes/etc are equally performance heavy).

If you’re worried, that your Deck will run out on the go and you have a little extra space in you pockets, you may wanna invest in a power-bank.

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