Slimy Sextet – Steam Deck Troubleshooting Guide

Steam Deck Troubleshooting

Try playing the game in Desktop Mode.

Make sure you’re using the latest software updates

Check for Steam Deck system updates in the settings menu, reboot the system and check for game updates, etc.

Check the Properties > Compatibility menu

I recommend using the game’s Linux native version with “Steam Linux Runtime” rather than forcing any version of Proton to emulate the windows version (the Linux native version should run by default if you haven’t checked the box to “force the use of a specific compatibility tool”).

Check Properties > Local Files

If files aren’t listed as “on Internal Drive”, try moving them to the Steam Deck’s local memory instead of an SD card or alternative storage. You can also try the “Verify Integrity of game files” button and see if any files are missing or corrupt.

Try adjusting your Steam Deck power options

If you are underclocking your GPU or using any of the other options to save battery life, try turning those off while the game is running.

Try adjusting the Ren’Py Graphics and/or Accessibility settings

While running the game, use the keyboard shortcut shift+G to open graphics settings, and shift+A to open Accessibility settings (This should work for most Ren’Py games).

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