Lone Fungus – How to Find Your Save Files on Steam Deck

Guide to Find Your Save Files on Steam Deck


Open Steam OS > (Get past the black screen by holding down power for like 12s multiple times) > Boots up to the actual Steam OS / Desktop, otherwise go to Power Off then Switch to Desktop > Open Steam on Deck Desktop> Right Click Lone Mushroom > Manage > Local Files > Right Click on Save 1/2/3/4/5 from the main game directory > Copy.

I’m running Windows 11 so I linked my PC via Bluetooth to the Steam Deck. On Steam OS I clicked Network > Shared Folders > (MY PC Name) > Login with your credentials for me it was the full email and password I use to get into my desktop > Username > Right Click Paste it into the folder you want it. Desktop/Downloads/Etc.

Then on your PC go to the folder where you pasted your save. Copy it to the Lone Mushroom main folder following the same Manage>Local Files options as you normally would.

VOILA! Don’t have to waste 4 hours getting back to where you were on Desktop as your Deck.

I’m unsure how to do this on Proton but figure it might help the random person.

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