LEGO The Lord of the Rings – How to Launch Game on Steam Deck

This game works on Steam Deck after setting force compatibility. That’s the guide, I’ll just use more words to say this.

Out of the Box Experience

On your Steam Deck, you selected this game to install and Steam installs it.

If you then run it, and it behaves the same as it did for me, you will see a flash to white followed by a title screen with logo and license stuff and then it quits instantly and you’re back to Steam. You can repeat this multiple times, it doesn’t change.

The Fix

Getting the game to proceed is simple : in the cog menu for the game you pick properties, then compatibility.

Tick the force compatbility checkbox. It sets it to Proton experimental, which was fine for me. The latest version is 8.0-2 at time of writing and might very well work too.

If you then launch the game, it downloads some stuff before starting and gives you the license screen and now you should see Mordor in the video playing and the game will continue from there.

Controls work out of the box, A is button A and all that.


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