Dreams of Desire: Definitive Edition – How to Play on Steam Deck

How to Play

TLDR: Switch to Desktop Mode!

Basically, I think because the gaming mode of Steam Deck use some specific configurations that make this game freezing after 3-5 minutes. So you just need switch the Steam Deck to Desktop Mode and you could play it normally.

However, there is a bit tricky in some scenes that need keyboard’s input though. For these scenes, you need to make a save when it ask for input from keyboard, then come back to Gaming Mode and use your few valuable time in this mode to enter the input and save it again before freezing time and come back to Desktop Mode – or if you have a physical keyboard and a hub to connect it to Steam Deck then you can just type the input and continue playing without switching Steam Deck Mode back and for.

Hope you can enjoy the game on your Steam Deck now.

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