Bayonetta – How to Fix Saving on Linux / Steam Deck via Proton

Here is how you fix the saving issue on Bayonetta on the Steam Deck or Linux via Proton.

Fixing the Save Issue

If you use the Normal version of Proton there is an issue where you are unable to save at all when playing Bayonetta. This may be really intriguing for some who spend alot of time and nobody wants to play through it in one go and have it erased the next time they open Bayonetta

  • Step 1: Switch to Desktop (if you are on Steam Deck)
  • Step 2: Open Discover store
  • Step 3: Search “Protonup-qt”
  • Step 4: Download Protonup-qt
  • Step 5: Find Protonup-qt in the start menu (Should be in utilities)
  • Step 6: When its open, fully close the Steam client (click it on the taskbar then exit or do it via Steam itself)
  • Step 7: Click Add version, make sure Compatibility tool is Proton-GE, the Version should be the Latest (Current one is GE-Proton8-4)
  • Step 8: Click install and wait for it to finish downloading, once it is complete close Protonup-qt

(Return to Gaming Mode if you are on the Steam Deck)

  • Step 9: Go the the Bayonetta page in your library, Click on the settings icon, go to Properties, Head over to Compatibility and enable “Force the use of an specific Steam Play compatibility tool” Select the version of GE-Proton you downloaded (ex: GE-Proton8-4)

Open Bayonetta when it is set and you should be able to start saving your progress. Thank you for following this guide, if it worked leave a like and maybe an award if you are willing to spend some of those Steam Points of yours

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