Age of Wonders 4 – Mods and Paradox Launcher on Steam Deck

Fixing the issue with the Paradox Launcher on Steam Deck.

How to Fix the Paradox Launcher Issue on Steam Deck

Using Steam Mods on Steam Deck

Think you are doomed to play Age of Wonders 4 on Steam Deck without mods?

Because of the missing Paradox Launcher?

Here is what you will do:

  1. Download the Paradox Launcher.exe file from here.

Alternative: You can of course copy & paste the file from your PC if you also play Age of Wonders 4 on your PC. The link I provide is for those who play on Steam Deck and do not have access to a PC from which they can copy & paste the file. You can also get the file from a friend or other trusted source. It should be the same for everyone.

  1. Replace the identical file on your Steam Deck (launcher-se folder within the local game files).
  2. You should now be able to use the launcher.

What Is Going on That This Works?

It seems that at some point the Paradox Launcher.exe does not download correctly to the Steam Deck with the game, rendering the existing Paradox Launcher.exe file on the Steam Deck useless, even though all the files appear to be there.

The file you can download is from the PC version of the game and should be identical to the one you are getting for your Steam Deck. Replacing the Steam Deck “dummy” version with a working desktop PC version of Paradox Launcher.exe does the trick to make it work.

Weird. Sure. Whatever works. I guess. Happy gaming!

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