Zula Global – Customization Guide

A basic customization guide that walks you through the most basic customization features.

Guide to Customization


You can equip your cosmetics under the Customize tab.

Inside the Costumize tab you are able to choose between WEAPON and CHARACTER costumization.

There are 8 different categories of cards that you can get. They are: skin, top attachment, front attachment, bottom attachment, accessory, sticker, gloves and emotes.

Cards can be obtained through the following ways:

  • Earned through Zula Pass. At some tiers inside the Zula Pass you can get Season exclusive cosmetics.
  • Earned through MSC gambling.
  • Opening Decks will give you five cards of random rarity and a sixth bonus card that has only its rarity shown and can be purchased with Zula Gold. (Bonus card’s price depends on the card’s rarity.)
  • Combining cards in CARD MERGE tab to obtain a different card.
  • Being gifted a card via weapon transfer.
  • Purchasing a card directly from Cards store section.

Cards Overview

You can see all of the cards you have under the “My Cards” tab, which can be accessed by clicking on the “My Cards” button in the Customization tab. By default, cards are sorted from best to worst rarity.

You are able to sort and filter them using the Category and Rarity dropdown selectors, which are in the top right corner.

Card Merge

Card Merge tab can be accessed by clicking on the “Card Merge” button inside Costumization tab.

You can merge five cards into one random card. Rarity of the card given can be upgraded using Zula Gold. You can merge cards with the same rarity for free, except for the Elite cards. Elite Card merge costs 250 Zula Gold per merge. Only cards in same rarity can be merged to get one card. Free merge will give a card in same rarity in same rarity, paid will give higher rank card.


Cards come in a variety of rarity grades that signify their rarity:


Weapon costumization is divided in six categories (Skin, Top Attachment, Front Attachment, Bottom Attachment, Accessory and Sticker). You can only equip one card per category.


You can recieve match ZP & XP bonuses depending on the cards you have equiped.

Bonus Rules

  • You need to equip all of the same attachments on a single weapon to get a bonus.
  • If you don’t have one of these attachments equipped, you will not recieve bonus.
  • Bonus will be given based on lower rarity.
  • Bonus will effect as long as you use the weapon.
  • Even if the weapon is expired, you will keep your bonus. You just need to exted your weapon.
  • If you have all of the attachments (skin, top attachment, front attachment, etc.) belonging to a series (example: Terminator or Pirate) you will get an extra set completion bonus.
  • Bonuses are different for each weapon type. Please see table below.


Another customizable aspect of the game is the character you are playing as.

While there isn’t any stat difference depending on which character you choose, you are able to use your character to camouflage in some places (depending on your character and the map you are playing).

Zula Characters

Gladyo Characters

If you do not own any characters, depending on the side you are starting the match as you will be assigned random default character.

You are also able to purchase characters in store or obtain them via character cases. Once you have the character you can select it in your inventory. When selected, that character will be the one you will have for each match you play as long as that character doesn’t expire.

Default Characters are purchasable with Zula Points, while special characters are only purchasable with Zula Gold.

Special characters can also be obtained through MSC & Character Cases.

Default Zula Characters:

  • Yunus Sanli
  • Azad Kara
  • Samil Dudayev
  • Sahin Kilic
  • Cengiz Kaya
  • Esref Dayi
  • Recep Arslan
  • Demir Erez

Special Zula Characters:

  • Cumali Kocovali (Custom Radio Voiceover)
  • Shahram Shams
  • Zeynep Yilmaz

Default Gladyo Characters:

  • Rosa Battaglia
  • Alonso Vargas
  • Ivan Vasilyev
  • David King
  • Edward Moore
  • Larry Silverstein
  • Robert O’Bannon
  • Pierre Julliard

Special Gladyo Characters:

  • Elena Terentjeva
  • El Patron


Aside from customizing your character, you are able to change the gloves for each character you own.
Gloves are obtainable through Zula Pass, MSC, Token Store and Glove Cases.

Gloves come in all of the card rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Heroic, Elite and Epic).

Glove cards can not be merged.

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