Zombie Panic In Wonderland DX – How to Get Costumes / Beat The Game


You can unlock costumes for Dorothy & Snow White by clearing all stages with them in arcade mode, you can even do this from the stage select or even out of order, all that matters is that you beat every stage with the character.


When playing through the stages save your rockets for the bunny burrowers & the skeletons.

Whenever it is crowded paint everyone with the flamethrower, don’t treat the flamethrower like a gun treat it like poison apply it and move to the next target.

Save the minigun for Oni, Leprechaun, Witches, Giant Worm things, Santa, & generally anything that seems to be a boss or mini-boss.

Most of the time when a crowd spawns there will be a bomb nearby that you can shoot, sometimes it may even be better to save the bomb for later if you aren’t being swarmed.

The final achievement is supposedly unlocked by beating the story 4 times (I haven’t verified this, & I have not yet beat the arcade with all playable characters yet either, but that is what I’ve been told).

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