ZanZarah: The Hidden Portal – How to Beat the Game Without Grinding

Disclaimer: You will still have to grind a little bit, BUT this guide will teach you how to (mostly) bypass it in three easy steps. Turn what could be hours of boring grinding into a few minutes. With this you can finish this game at a comfortable 8 hours, or under 20 hours, if you want all fairies, like i just did in a playthrough.

Guide to Beat the Game Without Grinding

Step 1: Get That Money

Okay, this is a cheat code, not gonna lie, but it is necessary to do the rest of the guide. Use the knowledge of this step as responsibly as you like, because it could curb a lot of the collection element, if you like that.

Type in GOLD when you are in normal gameplay. This will give you 1000 coins, which you will use in step 2. 1000 coins will be enough to bypass 4 whole levels, so you do the math on what you need here, or don’t. Another code you might like is CRYSTAL or CRYSTALS, which gives 500 crystals. If it does not work anymore, enter the menu and go back out, and try again.

Step 2: Eat Your Vegetables

Now that you have a lot of money, it is time to spend it on buying your time, I guess time is really money. Go to Tiralin and to the left of the main gate, you will come out to a locked gate with a dwarf standing next to it. Right next to this new locked gate, there is a little shop right next to it with an elf inside. Note: take the pixie in his basement for him to sell stuff. He sells an item called golden carrot for 250. Buy as many of these as you can, each is worth a level up. When you feed one of these to your fairies, they will get enough xp to level in the next fight they are in, guaranteed. This might seem like we have already killed grinding, but i will show you in the last step how to effectively level.

Step 3: Powerleveling

Okay, now go back to the town in fairy garden. There is an elf walking back and forth that offers to train your fairies for you. This is a risk free way to get 9 xp to one fairy in a fight, or if you get all 5 fairies out in it, 1 xp for each. So gather a whole team you want powerleveled and bring them to him. In between each fight, feed each of them a carrot. Congratulations, you have leveled a whole team to level 59 in at most half an hour, skipping thousands of xp and saving your own time. Enjoy the game, as despite the grinding, it is a great little title.

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