Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Quick Guide to Getting Your First Desired Deck

How to Get Your First Desired Deck

Important Information

If you trust your luck, you can go ahead and shoot for a deck that uses many UR/SR cards. Otherwise, it’s wiser to narrow your goal down to a deck that doesn’t need too many UR cards to be complete or playable.

Rarities in YGMD are not quite the same as in the TCG. For example, you can find Dark Magician and Red-Eyes Black dragon as relatively common cheap cards irl, but in game they are UR cards.

Please do your own checks in game to ensure you have a good chance to shoot for the deck you want after you mass dismantle. You’re looking at having enough to form a 40 card main deck and 15 cards extra deck.

Quick Rundown

  1. Drop all your gems on any pack, really any will do.
  2. Go to deck edit > create new deck to view cards.
  3. Mass dismantle EVERYTHING that isn’t part of the deck you want to make.
  4. Use the currency you get to craft the cards you need.
  5. This will unlock “Secret packs” too. (If you craft cards for the XXX Archetype, you will unlock the secret pack for XXX Archetype for 24 hours)
  6. Secret packs are just regular booster packs, but they have a much higher chance of giving you cards for the archetype featured.
  7. At this point, you’d have cleared some more missions to collect more F2P rewards
  8. Spend your new gems on whatever packs you want
  9. Continue to dismantle and craft to refine until you get the deck you want.

Don’t forget to run through the tutorials in solo mode for several thousands more gems in rewards.

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