Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – How to Win Against Megalith Deck with Loaner Deck

The difference between AI’s Deck and the deck that is given to the player is huge, all the time Ai can Summon a 4000 attack monster on turn 1 or 2, while many times my Deck can’t even Summon anything. And I’m not talking about my Deck, but the Deck given in the mission.

How to Win Against Megalith Deck with Loaner Deck (Solo Mode)

Best to have a “Megalith Phul” in your hand to try and summon “Phaleg”, once you have Phaleg on the field you can focus on tossing all of your other cards into the grave or summon multiple “phaleg” cause that is the monster that boosts everyone’s attack.

Combos when you have the required 8 stars to summon phaleg:

  • Senju > phul > phaleg.
  • Megalith unformed > phul > phaleg.
  • Megalith unformed > phaleg.
  • Foolish burial > phaleg > megalith emergence/monster reborn > phaleg.

Just try to throw a bunch of cards in the grave while bringing out phaleg was what I did.


  1. Thank you so fucking much for this I’m new to Master Duel and I’ve been fighting the last “DUEL” since 11:00Pm it’s now 2:35AM Bless your fucking soul ???

  2. The Loaner Megalith deck has the Lv2 Ritual (Phul) that allows you to Ritual Summon during your opponent’s turn, you do that and Ritual Summon Bethor (Assuming you have Ritual Summoned a bunch of times, Ritual Summon chaining is essential in this deck). Bethor will allow you to destroy their cards during their turn.

    They can’t do anything usually if you kill their first Megalith monster.

    Tho yes, the deck itself can quite brick if you don’t get Bethor or Phaleg. (or a way to get them)

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