XCOM 2 – How to Successfully Defeat the Alien Rulers on WOTC (Commander)

Hello, this guide will be a step-by-step process to defeat the Alien Rulers in WOTC on Commander difficulty. They can be quite dangerous to your run, especially in the early game.

This guide will hopefully put you in good stead to defeat them in your own campaigns. If you are in possession of plasma-tier gear, then this can also be a guide for the “Regicide” achievement.

Encounters in the Early Game

If you are a rush player and immediately do a facility mission or complete the DLC missions before acquiring tier-2 gear, then this is the section for you.

The first thing you need to do is NOT panic. This will result in taking actions recklessly and possibly costing you your squad. If you are attempting a facility/DLC mission, I am expecting you have the Frost Bomb in your arsenal. Throw it at the Ruler in question and then you’re going to want to shred its armor with a Grenadier. If you used your grenadier to launch the Frost Bomb, then frag grenades from your other soldiers work as well. If you have few actions left, you can simply skip your turn.

This will only cost 1 action from the ruler, meaning you still have 2 actions of grace. After shredding armor it will most likely become unfrozen. Pray that your soldiers are not close together because any of the rulers can release a deadly AOE attack on your soldiers which with their Kevlar armor will most certainly equal a squad wipe. You are going to want to do as much damage as possible to force it into its portal. Otherwise, you might as well restart.

Other than that, there isn’t much else you can do in the early game against the Rulers. Your best bet if you don’t have the Frost Bomb or a Grenadier is to just evac.

Encounters in the Mid Game

The Mid Game is most likely where you will be facing the Rulers in a normal game. It is also the time you do the DLC missions (Lost Tower + Vahlen’s Lab). In this guide I am going to assume you have Predator Armor, Magnetic Weapons, an Exo-Suit, and two Grenadiers.

The Encounter

When you first encounter the Ruler, whether by surprise or intentionally, you’re going to want to freeze it with the Frost Bomb. If you have a Grenadier with Heavy Ordnance and Salvo then you can re-freeze it after these steps.

Take a Grenadier with Shredder and shred the Ruler’s armor. If this Grenadier has holo-targeting, even better. If your Grenadier is a Colonel and has Rupture, use that.

Then, once its armor is down to 1 or 2 points you can start the main attack.

If you have a Bladestorm Templar or Ranger then send them in first. They are going to hit it every time the Ruler takes an action. Then just start attacking more and more. Once the Ruler is unfrozen, your squad should be decently split up. You should have also been able to do enough damage that it will try to run away. If it does, get in one last hit with a Ranger or a Sharpshooter and you have successfully defeated the Ruler.

The next time you see this Ruler, simply redo this process.

Encounters in the End-Game (Also a Regicide Guide)

For this section, I am going to assume you have max squad size, all or mostly Colonels, Plasma weapons, and Powered Armor, as well as 2 Grenadiers, a Templar, and a Reaper.

The Encounter

The Rulers in the endgame are basically a joke. They can’t really do much to your squad since they are meant to be faced in the mid-game and don’t scale. The only real danger is knocking your soldiers unconscious.

You are going to want to take a Reaper and place one or two Claymores on the Ruler. Then blow them up with either a Sharpshooter or the Reaper. This will activate the Ruler with some armor already shredded.

Start with a Frost Bomb. Then Rupture the target with Holo-target and Shredder. Then send in your Templar and your Ranger. If you have the Assassin’s weapons, even better. Her katana never misses which is perfect for guaranteed damage to the Ruler. Then keep attacking with your other soldiers. When the Ruler becomes unfrozen, Salvo on your Grenadier will trigger and simply use the Frost Bomb again. Repeat until dead. You should have the Regicide achievement now.


  • Early Game: EVAC or use Frost bomb for some little amounts of damage, keep squad spread out.
  • Mid Game: Frost Bomb, Rangers and Templars with Bladestorm and Grenadiers.
  • Late Game: Doom music!

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