WorldBox – God Simulator – How to Obtain Ninja Turtle Achievement

This guide is to get the Ninja Turtle achievement easily.

Ninja Turtle Achievement Guide


This guide will be useful to complete the achievement of “Ninja Turtle”, the objective will be to level up a turtle to level 10.

Things You’ll Need to Do

To get the achievement, you will need:

  • Protect the turtle with the shield, and every time the shield fades, you will have to put it again.
  • Give madness to the turtle, so it attacks to the entities.
  • Give caffeine to the turtle, because turtles, have the slow trait and that makes them attack slower too.
  • Heal the turtle if it gets hit.
  • Give the blessing trait to the turtle, so it is stronger and has more health.

How to Level Up the Turtle

Firstly, you have to know that the XP may vary depending on the length and the toughness of the fight, but these are the average XP for some entities.

Average XP amount of some entities:

  • Turtle: 30XP.
  • Penguin: 32XP.
  • Frog: 20XP.
  • Snake: 20XP.
  • Crocodile: 34XP.
  • Bear: 14XP.

Extra Tips

Tips that can help to get the achievement faster:

  • Use the trait editor to give bad traits to the enemies and make them weaker.
  • At level five, spawn crabs, because the turtle will one shot them (do not spawn lots at the same time or the knock back won’t let the turtle attack).
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  1. Just edit the turtle to have the mega heartbeat trait and put down a butt ton of any mob and use omega rain to give them these traits: weak, cursed, crippled, tiny, fat, short sighted, and unlucky. The mix of these reduces ANY mob to 1 health

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