WILD HEARTS – Framepacing / FPS Limit / Vsync Guide

Framepacing / FPS Limit / Vsync (How to Fix)

So the internal VSync, FPS Limiter, and Framepacing are garbage like every other Omega Force game on PC.

  • Disable it all in-game.
  • Use Special K to Force Vsync on if you want it.
  • Use Special to set the frame limiter to your monitor’s native refresh rate.

Voila, stuttering and juttering are gone. Nothing I can do about the stupid 30fps cutscene lock, but this makes the framepacing more consistent so it looks better.

Not relevant but this on a spanking new Ryzen 7950x 64GB RTX 4090 build, so I suppose your mileage may vary.

Edit: Forgot to mention, you may have to manually add the game to Special K Injection Frontend’s library (right-click->Add Game).

Also it’s completely possible that EA will ♥ this launch up even more and somehow decide to ban you for using Special K as it is technically a “foreign” injected program.

Use at your own risk!

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