Wasteland Survival – How to Craft Stone Floors

How to craft upgraded floors to install workshops.

How to Craft Upgraded Floors to Install Workshops

Upgraded floors are not “crafted” as a singular object like other items. Instead, you need to upgrade your already existing floors by tiers.

Tier One (Basic):

  • Chop down a tree and with it`s Pine, clicking on the Hammer icon at the right side of the screen, already allows you to build the basic floor.

Tier Two:

  • Click the Hammer icon and once the planning grid shows, click on a floor tile you wish to upgrade, the game will prompt you the need of 10 Pine Boards that can be crafted on the Woodwork (bench).

Tier Three:

  • Select a floor that has already been upgraded to tier two, and this time the requirement will be 10 Stone Bricks that can be crafted on the Masonry Bench by collecting 20 Stones.

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